3 days of Luxury part III


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The trail cams this year were devastated by the bears. 2/3 of all my cams put out had bear activity in the form of messing with my cams and most spots were seeing two to three bears. Come the opener all was quiet for bear sightings, but the deer were all around. First thing opening morning I spot 2 forkies and let me brother try and get after them. They spook before he is able to get into range. Later in the hunt Hardwoods had a 23 yard shot at a 3x3 and missed. He thinks he peeked before he released. No shot fired for me as I was trying to help either of them get a deer.

This past weekend Hardwoods and I head back up and I was still going to let him have first shot. The first morning we glass up a bear across the valley, but it heads straight into a steep timbered draw so we elect to let him walk. We head over to a ridge that I had good activity on the cams. Making our way on the south side of the ridge I catch a glimpse of something shinny and see rack! I get Hardwoods to come over to wear I am at and range the deer who is now standing broadside staring at us at 48 yards. He takes his time and shoots only to miss high. The buck took one jump and started to eat. I come to full draw as he is quartering away and he turns to look back at us I release and hear the thump of a hit. He does a little jump and walks into the brush. After some time I find him about 200 yards from where he was first hit.


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And thats how its done folks! Strong work...sometimes you just gotta do shat yourself! Congrats! :beer-toast:


Great going..................... :smiley_10sign:

He who hesitates(or misses)..................... :smiley-wnk-yellow:


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Josh... you better keep that spot under wraps..... It's been good to you guys.
Congrats on another CBH Blacktail!


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Well done!

That's cool that ya'll give warning shots. I guess that is required living amongst the hippies of NorCal (AKA AS and LD)...

You have that area dialed for sure.