2018 Montana Antelope

Wister Junkie

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Jan 23, 2010
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Went back to the Crow Reservation in Montana for the second year in a row for antelope. First morning we saw a few groups, but passed as we knew there were bigger bucks around. Spotted a group about 3/4 mile away with a nice buck. Dad shot a little guy last year, so I told him he's up on the rifle. We sneak and belly crawl to get to about 250 yards above the group. Does spot us and start moving off, buck turns and faces us head on, dad fires off a shot. I hear a smack and the buck dropped in his tracks. Walked up to find Dad center punched the neck and the bullet traveled the length of the body, stopping right under the skin in front of the bucks balls. Pretty buck with some good mass at the bases.

Later in the afternoon we spot a group of about 20 bucks. After about a mile stalk I come over the top of the ridge to find them feeding at about 100 yards. Sail my first round over the biggest buck's back, but make up for it with a neck shot as he tried to run off. Fun hunt in some awesome looking country.View attachment 72402View attachment 72403View attachment 72404