2018 Archery Bear


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Today was my ninth day out in the woods in search of bears. I’ve come across a number of bears during that time. One small bear crossed the trail in front of me at 8 yards when I was hiking to my destination. That blew my mind. Another was walking toward me on a logging road. We saw each other simultaneously at 30 yards, and I froze. The bear came within 20 yards to check me out before he ran off. I was never able to draw back my bow. Yet another time I stood on the edge of a berry thicket for an hour listening to a bear munching and breaking branches. It is amazing how many bears seem to be out this year.

This morning I decided to hunt the same area where I killed last year’s bear. I hiked in a short distance and sat on the edge of a meadow. I could hear multiple bears foraging in the alder thickets below me, and hoped they would exit in my direction when done feeding. I checked the wind, and was bummed to see that I was upwind of them. Oh well, I guess I can watch the sun rise. After about an hour of waiting, I heard some rustling above me, and turned around to see a bear moving behind me at 10 yards. I drew back my bow and watched as he moved through a tangle of tree branches. His head moved through a small opening, and I could see him smelling the air. Satisfied, he moved forward, and when his vitals were visible, I released an arrow.

The bear was hit in the lungs, and he turned and ran for about 40 yards before he collapsed and died. I could hear his last breaths, which were within 3 minutes of my shot. I am so grateful for this bear, which will feed my wife and I for the next year. Interestingly, when skinning him, I came across multiple yellow jackets attached by their stingers to his skin (see pic). It’s the price he paid for digging up their nests.