20 gauge semi auto shotgun for a kid


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Thank you all for your input. Dog on point and Skeet; I will pm you to try to work something out. Thank you!

Gdog, as for your situation, I agree with the comment about "its not about the hunt." I made it all about the adventure with both my boys. We take lots of snacks and things to remain comfortable. I tailor the hunts for them to have fun, not so much the hunt or harvest. If we harvest anything that's just a bonus. I also make the trips our "guy time" where we joke with each other in ways mom may not approve of (fart jokes tend to be at the top of the list LoL). I give them a lot of control on how the hunt goes and what we do. I also started them off with a BB gun and would let them "finish off" any animal that we harvested. I did not force them to clean or even watch when I clean the game until they were interested in doing so. I did not want to gross them out or make it feel like work. I figured that would come later.

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Hrmm... that's probably a good call on the "I did not force them to clean or even watch when I clean the game until they were interested in doing so."

I've called him over and had him watch me clean the rabbits. Explaining what I'm doing as I went along. He's just starting to be slightly less visually suggestable and slightly less creeped out. I was trying to point out and demonstrate for him how it was just like what we watched when I had him sit with me and watch a vid where they showed how to do gutless on an elk.

And when he'd make comments like "That's creepy" or whatever, I'd counter with "Not really. It's just like when Daddy gets the pieces of chicken ready for the Oven. It's the same thing as this."

He's getting better about it. But yeah, I think I'll take that advice of not pushing that issue when it comes to processing.


Turners in Orange has a almost new Franchi Affinity 20 in max camo on consignment. It has the short youth stock on it. Looks to be in great shape.


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My hunting partner that Ive hunted with for 20 plus years has three kids that are a little older than my two. He was gifted (its nice to have a few rich friends) two 1100's one in 28 ga and one in .410. The 410 got them over the kick the 28 let them have a fighting chance an knocking down some birds and now his oldest at 15 shes killing it with a 20 ga. They will never notice the kick when they are focused on a bird. They will only notice it when you huck a water bottle out there and tell them to shoot it. I wont be going the 28ga route but we will go .410 to 20ga. Ive shot the 20ga Stoeger that they make in a youth 20 and full size and they fit the bill for a little wing shooting.

As far as keeping the kids interested I've always had better luck when there were other kids around. When I hunt with friends that have their kids there they love it but when its just us its like I'm making them do chores.