12. Yr old 1st hunt


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I was just recently able to introduce my 12 year old grandson to hunting. I had planed on taking him to NM. elk hunting with me in Oct. but the trip was cancelled because of covid19, sad situation all around. I did take him to Az. rabbit hunt four times and dove twice. For a first time hunter he did very good. He took to shooting a .22 real easy and had no problem with shots out to forty yards. He go† 14 rabbits on our first two day hunt and 9 on the other hunts. He got 14 dove on opening day and 9 the second day. Our recent trip was not as successful, far fewer dove, the rabbits are still plentiful but, a little more nervous. There was a lot of road traffic beings it was a weekend, lot of campers along the river, not my choice time to hunt but with him having online classes we were limited on when we could go.He is really looking forward to quail season. We saw a lot of quail on all our trips but, come the opener they always seem to know what is coming and wise up real fast.