“Hunt Masters”... another POS.


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Looks like this dude (The Host) just calls to have an area baited, comes in and shoots a deer on video. Takes more pics the next day for social media and then leaves the whole deer, rack and all, to rot.



Another tool that needs his hand held so that his peepee can be bigger, dude could not find his was in or out of a whore house....sadly he wont do time...he will pay the fine and keep hiring people to make him look good in front of the cameras..and his sponsers will keep paying for it...
Ok, so if Mr Ritz is guilty, and it sounds like he is; then come what may to him !!
My other problem is with C11 & C12 !!
Sounds to me they were complicit in this illegal act ???
Where or what is their penalty ??
They are grown men !! Why didn’t they stand up and stop this !! And don’t give me any of that “ we’ll that’s there boss “ crap !!
Each of us has to stand for what’s right even when it’s not the popular thing to do !!
What’s that old adage ??
Something about doing what’s right when no one is watching !!!