Silly geese

    Went out prairie dog shooting today , came across these while I was out... My only guess is they are getting ready to nest up there to avoid predators.. pretty cool watching these birds fly like eagles and drop in on the side of a cliff, I had no idea they could fly like that..
  2. ilovesprig

    Little Cat, Medium Cat, Big Cat

    Is it any wonder why all the game on this ranch is heading South?..........10 days of pictures and not a single buck and a handful of turkeys........ :smiley-shakehead-blue:     What a difference a year makes........Well, and Mt. lion........ ;)   .
  3. forkehornreggie

    Maurice Jnoes Drew

    I guess I'm old school in my thinking but if you sign a contract then you honor your contract. What is with these athletes these days just holding out? All crap if you ask me. Plus I drafted him in my fantasy football draft so he better pull his head out.