1. S

    Snow Goose Spread

    For sale is a nice snow goose spread that has seen success at Wister. Whether you're a beginner looking for a starter spread or you've already got a spread and you're looking to add, let us know if you're interested. We have 3 dozen Herters foam snow goose decoys rigged that come with bags. 3...
  2. pcduffy

    Pics from the blind

    Another great season at the W. Here are a few photos from the blind... This guy was in the campground last saturday...
  3. FredtheGad

    Something profound to say!

    Not hardly :smiley-yellow: .... but seeing as im hitting 6000 with this post figured i would give an honest and acurate post of my hunt this past sat :smiley-wnk-yellow: Scouted best i could fri lots of slipping and sliding, place was pretty nasty.... few to little birds seen few geese trading...
  4. B

    #1 draw for Wister on Sunday 11/18

    My son drew a #1 reservation for this coming Sunday, He and I are thinking of making the trip but if memory serves me Sundays are usually pretty tough. I have not really hunted wister for years and would appreciate any advice. We typically hunt in Oregon, Montana and Canada for Honkers, so we...
  5. cadrake

    Wister 10 Nov

    Had a great hunt at Wister on the 10th. My buddy's dog made all the retreives Pintail and Widgeon