mule deer

  1. TheGDog

    HEARTBREAK & REDEMPTION in D15 (3rd buck ever - First Archery buck)

    On the way in on Sunday... a CottonTail is just being too good of a target not to try. Oops. Bad idea. Missed him and the arrow shot into the brush. Doh.. now just 3 arrows. So, first, let me introduce you all to "HEARTBREAK"... he's a stud of a 3x3 that walked past my spot on Sunday. (I'm not...
  2. TheGDog

    D6 Tag drawn - General Location Tips Please

    Good Morning Gents, I've got a neighbor that told me he drew D6. Which is Tuolumne and Mariposa. Just curious if anybody could point this brother in a general direction out in that area, since obviously he doesn't live anywhere near enough to that location to realistically do a few scouting...
  3. 7851

    D-5 Icehouse resivoir deer hunt

    How's icehouse hunting going so far this season?