1. H

    best way to find a hunting guide

    Comment on this thread if you've used a hunting guide before and how tell me how you found them. Im trying to find a guide next season for a deer hunt and i have to sift through website after website. Im curious to hear ya'll stories about finding a good hunting guide. Thanks!
  2. outdoorlinds

    I Found The EASIEST Way To Remove Burrs

    For the longest time I have struggled with getting burrs on my fleece while hunting, or even on my pants while hiking. I finally found the easiest product to use called the Burr Paw, it takes burrs off of me in just seconds, AND IT EVEN WORKS ON MY DOG. If anyone else has a problem with burrs...
  3. TheGDog

    Which EyeGlass Frames have you found best for Hunting?

    Which EyeGlass Frames have you found best for Hunting? Hello All, 2015, 2016 I went out not wearing glasses, but brought along readers for when field processing. Well... I think I may need to wear my glasses now the whole time while out. I bought a pair of Oakley frames and they hold very...
  4. WoodsWalker79

    Hunting Backpack suggestions, New member

    Hello everyone I'm a new member of this site and would like to say I'm glad to be part of this community. I'm currently looking for a new gun bag to take on hunting trips. I'd be mainly carrying a Ruger American in 30-06 around the thick mountains of PA. A friend of mine has an Eberlestock...
  5. TheGDog

    Recommendations - Non-Lead .22 Cal Hunting Pellets for AirRifle?

    Anybody done some testing of the lead-free .22 Cal pellets which they'll allow for hunting? Was inspecting all the choices at PyramydAir... and while some choices showed promise... there were differences about them which undermined by confidence in then in general. Such as weight in grains...
  6. Kiki001

    Would you guys use binocular when hunting?

    Is a binocular your must-have gear for hunting birds? :smiley-yellow:
  7. aeverett152

    Backpack Hunting in the Sierras

    Hello everyone! Brand new to the forum. Ive been bowhunting for a couple years now, and was told this is a great forum. A friend, and I are trying to plan a backpack hunting trip to the Sierras. We both have AO, and Bear tags for California. Since we have AO tags we are trying to stay in the D...
  8. Jessev

    What are the conditions like at mendota?

    Can anyone tell me what the hunting conditions are like at mendota? Like how deep is the water usually? Is it all water or is some of it field? Are you usually setting up in the tules or is there islands/dykes to set up on? At the check station do you just pick a parking lot and then go explore...
  9. Calva

    Into the Wild?

    So for many years now I have wanted to go camping for a long period of time. Living off what I can find and not having to head back to a town or civilization for supplies. I am at a time in my life where I'm finally ready to seriously research in to this idea. I don't plan on doing this trip for...
  10. outdoorplay

    Grizzly Bear vs Caribou how is going to win this is some great footage of a grizzly attacking a Caribou
  11. outdoorplay

    Photographer Has a Change of Heart When a 15-Year-Old Elk Hunter Shows Her the Truth About Hunting

    Whether it’s the whole gun-wielding thing or the whole animal-killing thing that makes other people raise their eyebrows at them, it’s no secret that hunters get a bad rap. Well, one photographer has done an about-face on her anti-hunting stance, and she’s letting the world know. Hilary Maybery...
  12. H

    High School Outdoors Club

    Hello! I started an Outdoors Club for my high school in Central Florida for hunters, anglers, off roaders, hikers, boaters, etc. Of course we have strict guidelines to dance around like active portrayal of guns, legality, being careful about saying 'hunting,' etc. Our goal regardless is to...
  13. W

    Dog gets a Canadian goose

      Hunting Dog Jumps and Catches Candadian Goose
  14. W

    Hunting Turkey with Stalking Deer