1. outdoorlinds

    I Found The EASIEST Way To Remove Burrs

    For the longest time I have struggled with getting burrs on my fleece while hunting, or even on my pants while hiking. I finally found the easiest product to use called the Burr Paw, it takes burrs off of me in just seconds, AND IT EVEN WORKS ON MY DOG. If anyone else has a problem with burrs...
  2. Sam Jin

    Last chance to see snow in 2016 spring in Ca

    February 28, San Bernardino Trail, Ca The last chance to see snow in California in 2016 Spring. Woohoo This is the first chance for me to do snowshoeing :( so tired. Here I am going to share some pictures. This is the first time to post a new topic. Thank you for viewing or discussiing Sam Jin
  3. Calva

    Into the Wild?

    So for many years now I have wanted to go camping for a long period of time. Living off what I can find and not having to head back to a town or civilization for supplies. I am at a time in my life where I'm finally ready to seriously research in to this idea. I don't plan on doing this trip for...
  4. GranolaGirl

    Please help a fellow woman hiker!

    Hi everyone!!!! My name is Alison I am an avid backpacker and I am in desperate need of votes for a contest I have entered to win the opportunity to be Backpacker Magazines Montana Ambassador. I know that if given the opportunity I can inspire more women to get out into the outdoors! This...