1. TheGDog

    What side-arm holster do you use with your pack on?

    Quick question to compare notes here. For my revolver I have a Center-chest rig. Works great for that because its heavy and keeps it off my hip. But I've begun taking a sub-compact pistol with me on some outings, depending on the area visited. I'm assuming they don't make a Center-chest for...
  2. WoodsWalker79

    Hunting Backpack suggestions, New member

    Hello everyone I'm a new member of this site and would like to say I'm glad to be part of this community. I'm currently looking for a new gun bag to take on hunting trips. I'd be mainly carrying a Ruger American in 30-06 around the thick mountains of PA. A friend of mine has an Eberlestock...
  3. O

    Vest Shopping

    Hey Everyone, I’m new to this forum and fairly new to the outdoor world, but I'm getting really into it. I’m looking to add a vest to the equipment list, but was looking for some advise on features or materials I should be looking for. I’m looking for some extra storage space which I can...