1. TheGDog

    Soreness, Bad luck timing, exhiliration, memories, but Heartbreak: My First Called-in BobCat Experie

    Vlog video to follow: 2nd set of the day... slight downhill path. At my sit location on a criss-crossing trail my view of the uphill part of that bisecting trail is partially blocked by some stuff, but only at the extreme right of my peripheral vision. Where the trails bisect... just a little...
  2. TheGDog

    HELP : On E-Caller usage Tips/Techniques

    How far away do you guys place your eCaller from where you sit? I was placing it about 30-35yds I'd say. I always made sure to sit crosswind from the caller too, so in case they tried to circle around downwind from the setup. Do you guys let things sit silent before you initially begin...