1. MarshRat

    In Memorium.....

    To the ducks who gallantly gave their lives today for our wonderful sport of duck hunting. And may their healthy meat provide nutritious sustenance for us! Matt and I were not able to get out today, I flew back from St. Louis, a business trip, and just got in last night, so we are both talking...
  2. Mt Goat

    first time hunting San Jacinto Wednesday., results

    Well me and a friend went to San Jacinto to hunt waterfowl with an early reservation. I ended up with 6 birds 2 Green Wing Teals 3 Gadwalls and 1 spoonie, my friend got 5 birds 3 Green Winged Teals, and 2 Spoonies. We had plenty of opportunities to limit early, but misses our fair share, and...
  3. Lens Cap


    Here is a few shots from last night in Milpitas, CA where I found this bad boy...
  4. wister.goose.killer

    wister shoots this year

    here are few pics from this year.
  5. C

    Gone***FREE Decoys (no hidden fees)***Gone

    I have no use for these decoys, so hopefully some body can put them to good use. I am in the riverside area but we can set up a meeting place if you canot come all the way here to get them.