1. kayakruner

    Have Resi.

    First Resi. of the Year!! :smiley-yellow: We blanked out all season long with no luck. Now he is loaded and ready! He has a low number for his final day. We were wondering if any body can tell us which way the Patos fly? Or AKA # blind? That would be Awesome. Thanks hope to see some of you out...
  2. MarshRat

    In Memorium.....

    To the ducks who gallantly gave their lives today for our wonderful sport of duck hunting. And may their healthy meat provide nutritious sustenance for us! Matt and I were not able to get out today, I flew back from St. Louis, a business trip, and just got in last night, so we are both talking...
  3. Jessev

    What are the conditions like at mendota?

    Can anyone tell me what the hunting conditions are like at mendota? Like how deep is the water usually? Is it all water or is some of it field? Are you usually setting up in the tules or is there islands/dykes to set up on? At the check station do you just pick a parking lot and then go explore...
  4. Lens Cap


    Here is a few shots from last night in Milpitas, CA where I found this bad boy...
  5. W

    Bird Dog killed by a Grey Seal

    A pet owner watched in horror as his dog was mauled to death after being dragged under water by a seal. Read more: http://www.dailymail...l#ixzz28sAMBWFx