duck hunting

  1. A

    Rogers Toughman Waders or Cabelas Waders

    I am looking at getting some waders this year. Last years wetness really got to me. We had days that we hunted pits with standing water until we bought a little hand pump. Looking ahead, I'd like to get a pair of chest waders that will primarily be used in the pits for pumping and the...
  2. outdoorplay

    Kayak Duck Hunting on the Texas Coast
  3. Mt Goat

    First year to ever put in for any Reservation draws and got Lucky

    Because of low upland numbers, I decided to try my luck with some duck hunting this year. SO I put in for Wister and San Jacinto. I luck lucky with the #2 San Jacinto reservation for this next Wednesday and got drawn for San Jacinto again at #10 for next Saturday. Not sure how hard it normally...
  4. Hunter92

    New to this

    Hello everyone I'm new to this, I hunt every single weekend of the season mainly just Saturdays... Got lucky this year got a 47 at SJ on opener..I know not the best and a 5 the second weekend at SJ.. Hopes for good birds!