blacktail deer

  1. Spanky

    Mr. Forky

    After putting about 40 miles on my boots in D5 with no luck and only getting a visual on two does, I finally was able to get on Mr. Forky on day 5. As my friend says who pushed this dude to me, "You don't eat the antlers!" Mighty grateful for the work put in by really great friends in D5. You...

    3 days of Luxury part III

    The trail cams this year were devastated by the bears. 2/3 of all my cams put out had bear activity in the form of messing with my cams and most spots were seeing two to three bears. Come the opener all was quiet for bear sightings, but the deer were all around. First thing opening morning I...
  3. 7851

    D-5 Icehouse resivoir deer hunt

    How's icehouse hunting going so far this season?