1. Spanky

    High Sierra Backpacking/Fly Fishing

    I'm headed out on a backpacking adventure later in the month and am bringing my fly gear in hopes of some back-country fishing. I'm hiking in out of Rock Creek for a week going over Mono Pass. Curious if anybody has any feedback on fly fishing that area. I haven't been through there since the...
  2. aeverett152

    Backpack Hunting in the Sierras

    Hello everyone! Brand new to the forum. Ive been bowhunting for a couple years now, and was told this is a great forum. A friend, and I are trying to plan a backpack hunting trip to the Sierras. We both have AO, and Bear tags for California. Since we have AO tags we are trying to stay in the D...
  3. GranolaGirl

    Please help a fellow woman hiker!

    Hi everyone!!!! My name is Alison I am an avid backpacker and I am in desperate need of votes for a contest I have entered to win the opportunity to be Backpacker Magazines Montana Ambassador. I know that if given the opportunity I can inspire more women to get out into the outdoors! This...
  4. N

    Great Camping stove

    This is my dads Swiss camping stove