1. TheGDog

    HEARTBREAK & REDEMPTION in D15 (3rd buck ever - First Archery buck)

    On the way in on Sunday... a CottonTail is just being too good of a target not to try. Oops. Bad idea. Missed him and the arrow shot into the brush. Doh.. now just 3 arrows. So, first, let me introduce you all to "HEARTBREAK"... he's a stud of a 3x3 that walked past my spot on Sunday. (I'm not...
  2. TheGDog

    How many arrows do you carry on a Deer Hunt?

    How many arrows do you carry on a Deer Hunt OR Black Bear Hunt? Your attached Quiver how many does it hold? Do you carry extra arrows as well within your pack somewhere? I want to get a realistic real-world idea of how many to bother bringing. Currently my attached quiver only holds 4...
  3. sherpa1

    New beginings...

    Just bought the kid a new Bear Compound bow. Wasn't sure he would like it. It is a #35 LB draw weight, he wont put it down. First thing he asked me was, " when can I shoot something". I may have a winner.
  4. willcfish

    Turkeys responded to my Owl Hoots

    I heard one little puck and gave them an Owl Hoot and they called back 4 times. Please don't rate my owl hoot. I know it's pretty bad but by golly it worked.
  5. tulenut

    2011 Tule Bull

    So finally I strike it big and land one of the 5 multiple zone archery tags for my home range, the Owens Valley. After helping many friends and family who've lucked out in the past with their tags I got my chance. What a great year to have the tag , I'm lucky enought to know every lease holder...