1. TheGDog

    Recommendations - Non-Lead .22 Cal Hunting Pellets for AirRifle?

    Anybody done some testing of the lead-free .22 Cal pellets which they'll allow for hunting? Was inspecting all the choices at PyramydAir... and while some choices showed promise... there were differences about them which undermined by confidence in then in general. Such as weight in grains...
  2. tattooedfreak

    Marlin Glenfield Model 60 .22LR

    Decent condition. Works well, just a bit of minor rust spotting on barrel (see pic.), but some of the frog spray should take care of it. I have resolved much worse on my duck gun with it. Asking $75/obo. I am in El Cajon, and am between vehicles at the moment, so buyer will need to pick up...