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  1. SaltonSeadog

    Palm Springs Cancels Independence Day.

    The Palm Springs City council decided to cancel fireworks at the Park. Not because of COVID. Because they scare people and pets. They think the 50,000 people who show up every year will come anyway, and mll about, I guess. I can only imagine what the restaurant owners think about sending all...
  2. SaltonSeadog

    Salton Sea toxic
  3. SaltonSeadog


    I’m no scientist, but it seems the Earth may be regulating it’s heat a bit. A lot of eruptions sending ash to filter the Sunshine. St Vincent is getting nailed right now. I seem to remember we had ash from the Mt St Helen’s eruption in 1980, didn’t we? I just came here from the Ozarks.
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    Bluegill fishing

    The Bluegills were not biting much, but the Sewer Salmon were running. Plus one of the bigger smallmouth I have caught
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    I see the politicians and their paid propaganda networks are perplexed at “Trump Voters” who don’t trust the vaccine. Come on, Man! It’s not like the FDA ever approved a drug after years of scrutiny, only to find out later that it destroys people’s hearts, or something! Ignorant Trump voters.
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    Hooked for life

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    My son took me flathead fishing. I cannot relay the feeling he had, after all the years of me teaching him to fish, showing me a new to me technique and actually put me on a nice fish. The picture is disturbing, my sisters decided I looked like a demented, homeless swamp creature threatening to...
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    Shot some birds

  9. SaltonSeadog

    IV Flatty

    My some found a spot.
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    Never really used it much. Perhaps I should have.
  11. SaltonSeadog

    Wister lake

    Stopped by yesterday and the new lake was open. Several parties fishing.
  12. SaltonSeadog

    Hunter mauled

    I hope this isn’t anyone we know.
  13. SaltonSeadog

    Fantasy football 2018

    I’ll get the new league set up in the next couple of days. Stand by.
  14. SaltonSeadog

    Hunter orange

    Just staple your hunting license on your hat and you are good to go.
  15. SaltonSeadog

    Canal finally hits

    I have had a fairly dismal spring at the Highline, but finally got some action yesterday.
  16. SaltonSeadog

    First frogs of 2018

    Hit the Highline canal for some late afternoon fishing, and got a couple bites but no fish. The water is hard and fast, and a lot of crap in it from dredging. Almost a waste of time this Spring so far. So we cruised Wister for a while, looking for Frogs and Snakes. Still a bit cool for them but...
  17. SaltonSeadog

    Easter sunrise service

    I think I will have a Sunrise service of sorts at the East Highline. Has anyone been lately? I have a couple trips, but the water was still pretty cold With the warm weather I’m hoping to fill a bucket with gills.
  18. SaltonSeadog

    East Highline

    Finally got a day with just my son and I. Its awesome to have the kids, but sometimes its nice to actually fish. The baby fish were biting for sure. we caught little bluegills all day along with a few flatheads and a bunch of small bass. Chris caught a Stripped Bass about ten inches long, and I...
  19. SaltonSeadog

    Westbound I10 closed

    If you are coming from Wister or the IV avoid westbound 10 at Desert Hot Springs. All lanes closed ten people dead in bus- big rig crash.
  20. SaltonSeadog

    Fantasy Football Time

    I sent emails to everyone who played last year, so check the spam folder. If you don't want to play this year just let me know and I will sell your coveted spot for a small fortune.