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    USFW Cancels Waterfowl Population Survey for Second Year

    For the second year in a row the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Canadian Wildlife Service have canceled their annual joint Waterfowl Breeding Population and Habitat Survey...
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    Yikes...even the black bears are getting into it now...

    Woman killed by Black Bear in Colorado...
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    Salton Sea toxic

    Up until about 1580, the Salton Sea was part of what scientists called Ancient Lake Cahuilla. It covered about 2200 sq. miles (the Salton Sea covers about 343 sq miles). It dried up back then and was the Salton Sink up until 1905. (I wonder how we caused the global warming that dried it up in...
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    Is TOF dead?

    Yep...TOF is in need of CPR at least. Latest posts Yesterday 11:31 AM (almost 22 hours ago), Monday 6:58 PM (4 days ago), Monday 7:04 PM (4 days ago), Saturday 7:44 PM (6 days ago), Saturday 11:09 AM (6 days ago).
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    March 13th – San Jacinto Wildlife Area Volunteer Clean-Up Work Day

    POSTPONED UNTIL MARCH 27th due to rain...
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    March 13th – San Jacinto Wildlife Area Volunteer Clean-Up Work Day

    Won't let me edit it now. The date on the flyer, of course, should be in 2021 not 2020.
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    5 day count down... Tues 3/2 Noon

    Ah, ok...might have relationship to this thread...
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    March 13th – San Jacinto Wildlife Area Volunteer Clean-Up Work Day

    Tom Trakes, from San Jacinto Wildlife Area, advised that the first volunteer work day for the upcoming season at San Jacinto Wildlife Area will be Saturday, March 13th. Details here...
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    5 day count down... Tues 3/2 Noon

    Ok, maybe I'm slow but I've been watching to see what we're counting down to. I give up. I have no clue.
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    Is TOF dead?

    Well, if you look around here I'd say yes. I don't know what is causing it. I'm sure people are still hunting but nobody is putting in any reports anymore. Just a quick look at just the Hunting Reports & Discussion section reveals the following: Big Game - last post 12/13/20 Blacktail and...
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    Wister camground closure

    Not to get a mask argument going but looks like they're setting it up for a shutdown. Might be a good idea to wear them at the check station while checking in or out so they, at least, don't have that excuse.
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    Happy holidays!

    Everybody is afraid someone will poach their spot. I can't see how "got this nice strap of birds at Wister" or "Here's my deer from d-9" would e specific enough to burn a hotspot. I'd love to be able to post a report but I have some "issues" that are keeping me home this year.
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    Fatal Mountain Lion Attack

    Detals here...
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    San Jacinto Wildlife Area’s Annual Toy Drive Begins

    San Jacinto Wildlife Area has begun their Annual Toy Drive, this year to benefit the Knotts Family Agency Foster Program. This year, due to COVID-19 restrictions the Bryant Park Head Start Preschool was not able to participate with SJWA as they usually would. Tom Trakes and San Jacinto WA Staff...
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    San Jacinto Wildlife Area’s 27th Annual Junior Waterfowl Hunt Giveaway – Donations Needed

    A week after the last regular season hunt day, on Saturday, February 6th, 2021, the Junior Hunters will have a unique opportunity to end their season with a bang by participating in the 27th Annual Junior Waterfowl Hunt. Besides the hunting, one of the things our Junior Hunters look forward to...
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    Ready, Set…Oops! I’ve Got to Go Back to My Truck. Morning Check-in Please Be Ready

    (short version) Tom Trakes from San Jacinto Asked me to pass this along. He's asking that everyone be ready to go with all licenses, stamps, filled out type A passes, and that everyone in your hunting party is together when you get to the check station in the morning so the SJ staff can get...
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    Toxic Algae Found at San Jacinto Wildlife Area – Use Caution – Leave the Dog at Home

    Tom Trakes of the San Jacinto Wildlife Area advised that water testing done at the Wildlife Area has shown elevated levels of toxic Algae in the ponds at SJWA and also on Mystic lake. This algae can be dangerous and has the potential to harm people and kill animals. Details here...
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    Another Cougar Stalks Runner Video...Yikes!

    Hopefully, this will work, it's on FaceBook so you might need to have a FaceBook account, hopefully not though...
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    Cougar Stalks Runner for 6 minutes near Provo, UT

    Time for a change of shorts...
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    Last-Minute Items Requested for SJWA’s Saturday, Oct. 3rd Brush Up Day

    Tom Trakes of the San Jacinto Wildlife has asked me to pass along the following for anyone planning on attending this Saturday’s, October 3rd, volunteer work day. Tom advised that they need to clean up some overgrown walkways out to some of the blinds and they also need to do some carpentry...