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    Mr. J

    Big Tom loved my sweet talk- but he played hard to get. Cat and mouse until 10:00 when randomly the jakes decided to take charge. This guy gobbled like a Tom!- but came in hard like a Jake- lol.

    Mr. J

    Hit a few spots with no luck and decided to go back to the honey hole. Few gobblers left and finally found a couple dumb ones to play ball. Wild turkey melts for lunch!

    Poachers caught in CA

    Rat- with today’s society I honestly think it had more to do with the lack of GW physically catching them red handed to killing over bait AND this state has been extremely lenient to poachers and that’s been the standard. the statutory “fine” for “knowingly feeding big game” is a written...

    Mr. T

    Made a quick trip in the evening and found this guy strutting his stuff. Snuck ahead of the path he and the Mrs were headed and waited for my opportunity. He came just a little to close- turkey McNuggets on the menu!

    Poachers caught in CA

    AS- do each of them have their own IG with a rebuttal? Found Chris but his account is private and I don’t see Joe’s. I would like to hear both sides.

    Poachers caught in CA

    Sad day- they seemed like good dudes having shot a few tourneys with them- guess the “my dick is bigger” syndrome set in too much. wonder if DFW ran the DNA to determine if they were black tails or mule deer .

    Double down

    Nothin like pork loins and honey baked ham!

    Tropical island Axis

    Yes- cause we were there causing the death- lol. drought conditions and NO hunters lead to many herds eating unhealthy green vegetation and causing them to get “sick” and basically die a slow death. Happened more on Molokai, but some on Lanai had it happen as well.

    Tropical island Axis

    Mostly what you see is what I got. Brother has some not to G rated kill shot pics- but this was way more a meat hunt (move and shoot) and I wasn't about the camera fluff.
  10. JNDEER

    Tropical island Axis

    Hope that all works out for you, if you have any questions let me know.
  11. JNDEER

    Tropical island Axis

    Always eat axis for dinner during a hunt! Good “trophy” buck walking past me at 60 yards. small herd feeding on the hill
  12. JNDEER

    Tropical island Axis

  13. JNDEER

    Tropical island Axis

    I have an addiction to hawaii axis hunting and it isn’t cheap. Covid cancelled my 2020 hunt and having to use my flight money we elected to vacation the end of March and I was hoping for a good axis hunt to be thrown in. Well that island remains closed and it forced me to join a social media...
  14. JNDEER

    Won a MDF raffle.

    Nice- sure hope that gun gets put to good use
  15. JNDEER

    Lake Sonoma

    Sorry AS you should have texted me. Didn’t hunt LS this year but knew of some roost spots in the turkey hunting area (yorty). Happy to hear it all worked out
  16. JNDEER

    Youth Turkey Hunt

    Congrats to Jr. but a pic or it didn’t happen
  17. JNDEER

    Is TOF dead?

    Well hell- maybe I will post up some early year deer killing I recently did (legally). Tried to log on a few times and get the 513 or whatever error message it is.
  18. JNDEER

    Bill to ban bear hunting in CA

    Thanks duck for posting it up.
  19. JNDEER

    Bill to ban bear hunting in CA has a petition going on to stop the passing of this bill if you want to vote on it. Not sure if there are others- I was sent the request to petition against it from the CBH.
  20. JNDEER

    Hug your kids.

    I don’t have words to explain how sad I feel hearing of your loss, but i do want to thank you for the reminder that time is not everlasting. I am deeply sorry for your loss.