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  1. outdoorplay

    I did it... RETIRED!!!

    never thought this day would come, but with help from Uncle Sam taking almost half of what I made last year, I really don't see why I should keep working. so I'm done. bought a 5th wheel and been traveling ever since I have always said I wanted to be a full-time RV'er and for know just...
  2. outdoorplay

    its that time of year

    if your looking to do some elk hunting now is the time to start game planning were you want to go and look at each state and their seasons incase you want to do more then one elk hunt this year. so let see what you are thinking and where your planning to go and witch season you are looking to go.
  3. outdoorplay

    here some carnage for you

    double digest coyotes
  4. outdoorplay

    fishing been good

    I been working like a dog but salmon and crabs have been good up in Oregon, happy that project is now over and operational. now I can go back to having some fun missed the stories can wait to catch up
  5. outdoorplay

    scouting for salmon in Or

    I know I haven't checked in for a while I've been extremely busy are expanding our business to Oregon and the new facility is coming along quite well but why here and every once in a while I get some time I take the solo skiff out of salmon unfortunately the salmon are not in the rivers yet I...
  6. outdoorplay

    Catfish Junction RV Park, Oregon

    My brother invited me to go on his annual trip to the Snake River just below the border of Idaho, on the Oregon side about 20 miles or so. To say the cat fishing was good would be a understatement. if you are a catfish connoisseur, I don't think you could find a better spot, the average person...
  7. outdoorplay

    Italy... Hate it when this happens

    ok, so we are building a new plant in Oregon, so we have to have 3 new pressure vessels built and we have them Built in Italy. Well, the first one is just about done. So someone has to inspect it, so why not the guy that's going to oversee the installation it. / so why not make a vacation out...
  8. outdoorplay


    ok Have to break this up into sections as I will be adding to it as this trip is happing I left last Friday so I will have to do some catch-up as you guy know I mostly write by talking to text, So please forgive me if there is a word that is the right word but obviously the wrong spelling. if I...
  9. outdoorplay

    Im a grandpa

    well I am proud to announce that not only am I getting old as you know what, but yesterday I became a grandpa Meet Xavier my new little buddy
  10. outdoorplay

    one Man fishing heaven

    so I picked this up the little while back but have not had time to take it out, well finally had the chance on Friday and let me tell you I am excited. its 14.5 feet, 4 hp, live well and a fish finder
  11. outdoorplay

    Paul C here I come

    well, the truck is packed and Mikey and I am already, Can't tell you how excited I am I have been hunting Colorado for 18 years. This will be the first time I am venturing off from my Norm. been wanting to go to New Mexico and hunt with Paul for I can't tell you how long. In fact every time...
  12. outdoorplay

    The MFer ruined my gun...

    I don't even know where to start. I've been hunting with Betsy sense I was a young. She was build for a sniper in Vietnam spent $1200 back the, but when he got out he found that he could not longer shot it was just to hard for him. So he was good friend with a family member and he asked him if...
  13. outdoorplay

    saying goodbye to California

    I never thought this day would come but the good news is business has really been growing to the point that we have maxed out our facility here in SoCal. We're looking to get another location next door but that fell through, had some of our bigger customers up North find out that we were looking...
  14. outdoorplay

    sighting in my rifle this weekend

    did not know if anyone ells were gearing up for their hunts this year, head out to thinking of camping for the weekend and have some fun, if anyone ells is looking to go let me know, bring the quad and will end up as slash X sooner or later,
  15. outdoorplay

    sorry been MIA

    Sorry guys been traveling and most of the time I had no service. wish I could say I was hunting and fishing but no it 99% family trips here are some pic's kind of explains it did a 7day Alaska Cruise, then spent a week in Canada, then took mama on a mommy and me get away and I'll have...
  16. outdoorplay

    going to BC Sooke

    sorry for being MIA been working a lot but its time for VK so taking the family on a Disney Crouse to Alaska leaving out of Vancouver for a week and then spending a week traveling around taking in the sites. I only have one day to fish and would like to do both salmon and Halibut was seeing if...
  17. outdoorplay

    going on the wild side

    Ok so it's been years since I visited a pro Jet ski race. but they announced that they were having a race (first time ever at HB pier) so all the old timers decided to come out of retirement and by the way they smoke the current leaders. I am not a racer but just a team helper and race...
  18. outdoorplay

    My trip to Rancho Leonero

    WOW what a trip First thanks for the reclamations, what a great time for me and my family we fished we went on adventures and yes the girls got to go shopping. the marlin fishing was slow but I did get the job done with 150 LBer, but not entail my 3rd day... ok let me start at the begging. we...
  19. outdoorplay

    Happy birthday Paul C

    ok just say this way I was waiting for my ride to the airport. SO JOIN ME IS WISHING MR. PAUL A HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Damn we are getting old
  20. outdoorplay

    Happy Easter

    Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Easter, I hope your day is amazing, be it with your family, friends or just you having some me time. I will be out of touch for a week, so keep the house safe and wish me some luck on catching that striped Marlin. God bless and make some memories that will...