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  1. Spanky

    Desert Bighorn Hunt

    Epic! Congratulations!
  2. Spanky

    Bad start to a great day

    Nice! Still haven't taken my gun off safety. At least I don't have to clean it...other than the mud on the buttpad!
  3. Spanky

    No Bobcat hunting after Dec 31, 2019

    I did. We got to take this state back from the infidels!
  4. Spanky

    Mr. Forky

    I just did a dish called Vietnamese Shaking Venison with Mr. Forky. Came out fantastic!
  5. Spanky

    Had to say goodbye

    So this morning we had to put our beloved Tucker down. He was just a wonderful member of our family and my hunting buddy in the duck blind. I'm gonna miss him but I know he's off chasing deer and fetching ducks up there in the "Big Blue" with his father Dakota. Our dogs become members of our...
  6. Spanky

    Kiddo's First Buck!!

    .300WSM? That's a beast of a load. Congrats. She's one tough little hunter!
  7. Spanky

    Tons of birds showed up this week in Niland, CA

    But if your house is too noisy, get in a public hunt blind. You can usually get a full eight hours of sleep there!
  8. Spanky

    First of the season

  9. Spanky

    Mr. Forky

    Did a European mount on Mr. Forky. Came out pretty nice but got a little careless with the brittle nose bones. No big deal. The pine round I cut from the same area. Going up in my daughter’s room!
  10. Spanky

    Saturday Wister

    So I got a draw for Wister tomorrow and was wondering what the muddy goo situation will be like on the roads? Hoping this storm front moved some birds into the area.
  11. Spanky

    Daughter in Law first Big game animal

    Wow, that is a prize buck! Congratulations!
  12. Spanky


    Landed in Blind 14. Didn't shoot a damned thing but got about 10,000 mosquito bites. Misplaced my cigar and the deet alone was not enough! Think the average on Saturday was .8 birds per person. All I saw were high flying spoonies.
  13. Spanky

    First mule deer

    Tall rack. That's great!
  14. Spanky


    You know I’ll screw that up!
  15. Spanky


    So after three years of unsuccessful draws, I finally drew a reservation for Kern. Never hunted it before. Helpful hints are welcome. Sarcastic troll comments equally welcome.
  16. Spanky

    No Bobcat hunting after Dec 31, 2019

    And I blew a shot on one while deer hunting last week. I suck! Bought the tag to spite Governor Ken Doll. He must be removed from office! It's a totally irrational ban.
  17. Spanky

    The Wyoming Incident....

    Nice bruiser right there!
  18. Spanky

    Mr. Forky

    After putting about 40 miles on my boots in D5 with no luck and only getting a visual on two does, I finally was able to get on Mr. Forky on day 5. As my friend says who pushed this dude to me, "You don't eat the antlers!" Mighty grateful for the work put in by really great friends in D5. You...
  19. Spanky

    My buck from last Saturday

    Awesome buck! Congrats!
  20. Spanky

    D zone buck

    Headed to the D Zone Thursday. What copper you drop ol' Forky with? I'm running with Barnes Vor-TX. Hope to be as lucky. Will be wearing SPF 1,000. So much for cool weather!