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    If Wister cancels sweatline for 2020-2021 what will you do?

    Check out the CDFW website they have posted Wildlife Area Operational Changes due to COVID-19.
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    Recommendations for Vet

    I will be getting a new retriever pup for hunting in the near future. I live in Hemet and I'm fairly new to the area. So I'm looking for a good vet, one that knows and understands hunting retrievers in the area. Hemet, Menifee, Murrieta etc.
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    Waterfowl Gear

    Are there any Hunting shops in the IE that carry waders and other duck hunting supplies other than Bass Pro or mail order?
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    How was it?

    Need a fix. Missed out. In the process of moving into new house. Bad timing, but couldn't let this one slip away. friend has cards for next 2 wed's at Wister.
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    Marsh Seat

    Don't think you can build one for this price, $19.99. Very reasonable shipping also. Link:
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    Marsh Seat

    Don't think you can build one for this price, $19.99. Made by hawk hunting. Very reasonable shipping $17.50 for two. Check out the link below.
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    Kern Info.

    Anyone have the phone number for the check station at Kern NWR? All they have posted is the phone # for the offices in Delano. Drew a #1 for the disabled site. From what I can find out only disabled site open is ADA 1. Any info on that site?
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    Kern Info.

    Anyone have the phone # for the check station at Kern? The only phone # posted is to the admin office in Delano. I haven't hunted there in years, but drew # 1 disable for the 25th. From the info I have been able to gather only ADA site 1 is the only one open. Any info on that site?
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    Ammo Safety

    How old is too old to safely shoot high caliber brass ammo?
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    Opening Day Ressies

    Big U for me. Hoping son got something.
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    Rock n roll under the sea

    I was down there scouting the area that day. Didn't feel a thing.
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    Is anyone paying attention?

    Bought my ammo for the upcoming waterfowl season from Rogers yesterday just for this reason.
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    Duck/Goose HUNT SEASON 2016-17:

    IV will never be worth 20 Snows a day. But wouldn't hurt if they would get the closed zone across from the campground greened up decent.
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    28th is up!

    SJ # 16
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    Celebration Of Life....for Max

    Matt, Sorry for your loss. Knew Max for over thirty years. He was "ONE OF A KIND." The "BEST KIND." RIP MAX
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    Prayers for Max please

    Matt, Prayers Sent for Max and your family.
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    Volunteer Bind Brush-up Dates Set for SJ - 8/15 & 9/26

    Will make it to the Aug. workday, but will be at 50th H.S. reunion in Sept.
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    DWU and Game bird Heritage fields

    Is it possible to get maps of the areas you mentioned?
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    Water in T's at Wister?

    Waterfowlsniper, Apparently you didn't read my post, but read into it what you wanted to read. I never said anything about needing 2 feet of water. I did not complain, shut down or have a mental block. Sheet water or very shallow water is ok, but this was a total MUD FLATT, NO WATER at all. I...