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  1. hank4elk

    Oh my

    Congrats! That's a bigun' as they would say in NM. Bet you had to look for a higher branch than you thought.....
  2. hank4elk

    Living in Fawnskin

    Fawnskin....or foreskin Pitters? lol That the one near Big Bear? Tahoe? I know of 4 Fawnskin areas in CA. Oh,congrats on getting out.
  3. hank4elk

    Sooo......Where's the Midwest forum?

    Cool. Guy that I have my ranch life estate with is in WI. Loves to hunt & fish ,when he isn't farming his 3k ac. Hager City area....where ever that is.
  4. hank4elk


    My workhorse is my Huskie 55.Had it since '96. My main light saw is a Stihl 170.Got it 3 yrs ago & it is a light powerfull saw. My back up mid size saw is an Echo. Got it new 1/2 price. I used many saws as a Park Ranger. Mainly Huskie & Stihl. The county would buy Echos when budget was...
  5. hank4elk

    Altitude sickness

    I think Kim picked out Paul's mask....just sayin'. I live @ 7500' & still get acclimated before if I am hunting high. I lived @ sea level & used to climb all over Sierras to 14k.I always spent a day or 2 @ 7-8k 1st. Only got sick once @ 14k & had to get down fast. It was real bad. Got it again...
  6. hank4elk

    Questions for guys that served in the military

    Annapolis is where Marine & Naval folks go to get a degree, a real degree......and some from every branch try and get one from the SEALS. Most never make it a week. Marines are right up there with Navy folks in my book,.....some way beyond most any squid I served with. I served with some great...
  7. hank4elk

    Questions for guys that served in the military

    I followed family fin steps. Navy72-74.But did not at sea much in BWN,besides combat . Different world. Did not take advantage of perc's,promotions. Was just glad I got home. Should have kept the combat promo & gone to Naval Academy or Kingspoint with the bangles. Picked my own path by myself...
  8. hank4elk

    Bend over for the lady

    Laugh now & and be thankful later Have the mop handy.....take a magazine or 2, it is not over when you think.... Good Luck Troy . Your officially not a youngster .
  9. hank4elk


    14,900 extra applicants in NM draw this year over 160k for 59k tags or something. Looks like I will be helping Paul some this year. I know the unit he drew & hunted it 8 times so far. Should have kept my original 3rd choice But my deer unit is across 180 from his. And...
  10. hank4elk

    camp fire at my house-

    Wow,I almost feel old now. Wippersnappers.....& then there's clyde.................
  11. hank4elk

    Carrizo pronghorn

    I used to see them all the time anywhere east of the La Panza in SLO Co.
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    Drew a Gila muley tag,no elk.But I know a guy.....
  13. hank4elk

    Bino harness......what ya using

    I was looking at replacing my CH with a FHF,but $180 for a pack on my chest? My 1st CH strap is still good & on back up binos .20 yrs old & still stretchy. I wear a fleece vest usually during hunting season & just tuck my bins in it to keep from flopping & stretching the CH.I also have a cover...
  14. hank4elk

    Wolves or Sheppards?

    I'll put a tag on him....asshole!
  15. hank4elk

    A new Snow Record

    Good to hear Troy! Was just looking at pics of 08'& my last east side hunt with T$. There was a couple feet laying around town & we drove up to glass @ 10k
  16. hank4elk

    Taken the plunge.... Buy Once, Cry Once...

    Good luck on the solo single pack out too. I have a MR crewcab that is great for light packing,scouting ,glassing & deer hunts but no way I would haul an elk in it.Maybe I'm still getting used to it and adjusting with weight in off season will help. But I am going back to my Eberlestock J104...
  17. hank4elk

    Where To This Year...

    Most likely near home for elk & deer. Poor me.
  18. hank4elk

    Say it Ain't So.....Arizona & NM

    Even if the enlightened sanctuario folks get it passed,which I doubt,it would be ignored. PC is right that it is different here. Hell even the wacko far left culti's would be rednecks in SF. Like a foreign country almost. I still get corrected on my CA spanish & all. OK ,it is bad anyway. I...
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    Love it upper! Made several tables,beds & one giant kitchen prep island walnut from CA. Did not have a mill myself,but 3 friends did. Local is just softwoods,thought some folks do make some juniperwood things. Real checky,splitty wood here.I was making walnut keys for a buddies table top last week.
  20. hank4elk

    Say it Ain't So.....Arizona & NM

    NM is blue in city centers. But most of NM is very rural & there are many trappers & lion hunters where I live. Like half the dogs are hunters.