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    new rifle want ideas

    I have had many rifles over the years and can't find anything that really excites me right now. I have the money and ability to end up with about whatever I want but it has to be money well spent. I would like to end up with a rifle that I can play at long range with. I do not like the big...
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    Tough, Sad Morning Today

    I've been there and it is really heart breaking. All of us tough guys are reduced to honest loving tears when it is out turn to take our best friend on that final trip. I feel for you.
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    This hunt is in my stomping grounds and I know this ranch well. This is a great hunt and a fair price. Every hunter that I know of who has hunted there has either filled their tags or walked by and turned down a lot of bucks. Give Dave a yell and he will hook you up with a great memory. Paul
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    .280 Rem.

    All good info on the 280. I'm a fan but if you do not relaod walk away from it.
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    Elk hunt in Colorado

    Great bull!!!!! I'm waiting for the story too. I managed to get my toenails cut and get a good case of the piggy flu. Does that count??? Great pics, Chris loved them. Paul
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    AR Lower

    I found a couple of C3 lowers a lot closer to home. I ended up calling C3 and making arrangements for a local store to handle their products. It worked out well. I get to deal with a friend locally and made a good contact at C3. I think I'm going to go after an upper kit as well. A couple...
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    .22 Magnum WMR

    I would get the Ruger Single Six combo. Do not try and shoot the 22 mags out a 22LR. They are not the same round and can't safely be shot out a firearm not chambered for that round. I have a ruger 77 22 mag and love it. I also own a pair of the single six's and cant say enough good about...
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    AR Lower

    Nate, I've sent mesages and emailed your store but haven't gotten a reply. I'm looking for a C3 lower and trying to send $$$ your way. Can you give me a little help?????
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    AR Lower

    I need some information. I'm sorry for asking a question that has probably been beat to death on different forums. I am going to put together a couple of AR's from stripped lower receivers. I haven't paid any attention to black guns in a long time. Things have changed a lot and I have found...
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    2000 Ford Excursion Diesel 4x4 Limited

    two months from now I'd grab it. that rig would look great sitting next to my 00 quad cab F250 4X4.
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    Daddy cried like a litte girl.

    Congrats!!!!! The word I want to use to the both of you is "FANTASTIC!!!!!!!"
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    Mt. Lion Attacks campers in CNF

    I find this post interesting. I've spent a good part of my life in the mountains on a horse or mule, leading pack strings or gathering cattle, with my dogs. I've seen more than a few cats and a boatload of bears and never had a problem I could not handle. Being on the ground without my dogs...
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    Kimber Montana in .300 WM

    I've shot hundreds of rifles in more calibers than I can remember. Kimber makes a good rifle and so do a dozen other companies. If I only had one rifle there is no doubt in my mind that it would be a 30-06. If I had to go down the line of calibers for the one gun arsenal after the 06 it...
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    Body Armor Test...

    This guy is a moron. I can't write anything here that you guys don't already know. He is an idiot!!!!!!
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    185 Yard group? with an x force... what do you guys think?

    The club I belong to has two members who are state champs and another member who is the current national champ in her catagory. She was on the world champ US team in Turkey this year. I shoot with and watch two of them twice a week. This is pure crap. I know what the best can do. This...
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    4H weekend at Coon Camp Springs

    Thanks but the truth is that I get as much from them as they do from me. These are great kids.
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    Back Tension release

    Actually I think he is shooting a thumb trigger release. I'll check. Thanks for the information.
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    4H weekend at Coon Camp Springs

    This trip was one of the community service programs of the Olive 4H club from Corning Ca. The kids raised over $700 to cover transportation and food costs for the week. We cut, split, hauled and stacked a bunch of wood to get it all done. I cant say enough good things about this bunch of kids...
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    Back Tension release

    I don't shoot a BT release but I need to get one for my 14 year-old son. A week and a half ago he had a little accident at school and skinned the hide off of his wrist all the way around it. He did a good job it got through to the meat most of the way around his arm. He's told me the story...
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    Got a new toy!!!

    OK, I have to toss some fuel on the fire. I'd put a VIAS brake on the front end of it. I tis a beautiful rifle.