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    CBH News... State Broahead Shoot and 2015 Banquet

    Holy crap. I had a very brief meeting with must of you guys then I think i got ruffied by Nate. My word do these boys drink! Good times. -Sammy
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    Walmart AMMO

    I asked years ago after Lakeside stopped selling ammo and they said it was pulled from all "high" crime rate areas. The last time I bought ammo from a wal-mart was the one off of 15 and Aero last year.
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    PRIMOS Power Dogg...

    I bought one last year. It works good for the price. Its not as loud as I would like and the howls are a little crackly. The distress calls sound good so thats all i use. It might be worth the extra $50 and go with the Foxpro Spitfire.
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    Booze prohibition in AK

    The episode is on right now. The city is Bethel AK. They said its illegal to sell but no illegal to have alcohol within the city. and yes alcohol and natives (me being one of them) don't mix!!
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    First year bowhunting and AO tag filled

    Nice buck for San diego. Congrats!!!
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    The Video from my Elk Hunt

    Very cool. If that was me I would be watching that every night!!!!!!
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    Another boot topic....

    I just bought the perfekts, I have hiked in them twice to break them in and I have noticed they are squeaking. Other then that I don't have any complaints..... yet. I may not hold on to them much longer if the squeak continues.