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    Desert Wildlife Unlimited Bbq

    Dang..... same day as the CWA Huntington beach dinner. Went to the DWU dinner last year, Great time!
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    What stupid looks like

    The reason Randy Brown walked around the sea was to raise awareness to the conditions of the dying Salton Sea. They made a documentary called "SOS Salton Sea walk". I took my boat out and showed him how and where to cross the Alamo and the New Rivers on one of the scouting missions. He posted...
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    I cannot believe...

    Epic pictures, Rod! Way to make it happen for Dylan! You is a good dude!
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    I cannot believe...

    Way to go!!! Great pix! You the man, keep up the hard work!
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    Best season ever!!!

    Way to go!! Congrats!
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    Season recap

    Wow..awesome pics! Looks like a great season to me! congrats on the hard work paying off!
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    Goose Hunting can be dangerous

    This season my buddy shot a teal and it hit me in the back, I was turned the other way and dropped the duck I was shooting at....good times!
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    First bird

    So awesome! Congrats! Great Pic!!! That bird is a mounter for sure!
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    Pico Rivera Teacher/Councilman

    Bet he don't show up for the city council meeting...doh!
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    What do you when then season is over.....

    You have doubled your money on the Schwinn, chain guard goes to a 5 speed though. I love old Schwinn's from the 70's and early 80's. Classics and good money now a days. You are living the dream!
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    Had another decent hunt...

    Wow.... perfect wind! Love the Drake party!
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    Salton Sea - Riverside County Proposal

    Sea to Sea....NOW!
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    Is Davis opened back up all the way from shrimph to the 111?
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    Not a bad morning

    Way to go!!!
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    Kern question!!

    Good Luck Hunter!!! Get em!
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    Scouted new spot... Success!

    You make it look easy! Nice!
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    Duck/Goose Gut Farts

    Don't care about your duck Goose porn!
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    Duck Hunting - has it ever been worse?

    Saturday was a .5 Got a little wind tomorrow, we will see what happens.
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    Max's 1st goose!

    Congrats on the 1st snow of the season! Quality family time right, there! Good looking pup, what kind of dog is he?
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    Only one