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  1. TeamDuster

    First mule deer

    Really nice buck congrats
  2. TeamDuster

    Mr. Forky

    Nice work
  3. TeamDuster

    Pop up Trailer

    Tried posting in classified but I’m selling my 1999 Jayco Pop Up Trailer. It’s dual axel, queen beds on each side, AC blows cold, fridge works, stove top works, and tires replaced this year. For its age in good condition. Asking 3k obo. I’m upgrading for the family use as they are getting too...
  4. TeamDuster

    Jayco Pop Up Trailer

    Selling my 1999 Jayco Pop up trailer. It’s in good condition for its age and everything works. Dual axel and queen bed on each side. AC is cold, fridge is cold, stove top and sink work fine. Has new tires and battery this year. Also have a solar panel pack that recharges battery during the day...
  5. TeamDuster


    Ladies and gents, long time A zone hunter, brother moved back from out of state and picked a D14 tag. I told him I would help him out and have never hunted that area. Just looking for some local wisdom. Any help appreciated. Enjoy the process and have fun
  6. TeamDuster

    Mexico Coues

    Beautiful buck
  7. TeamDuster

    WA or OR

    Cool thanks for the info guys
  8. TeamDuster

    WA or OR

    I’m heading to up to Washington this spring to visit my brother. Lives in the Vancouver WA area. Anyone hunt that area in Southern WA or northern OR before. Just looking for spots to check out up there, planning to hunt couple days while I’m up there.
  9. TeamDuster

    The ducker blues...

    Had a good last weekend hunt with the old man, couple birds each both days and good time camping out with family
  10. TeamDuster

    I hate 3 pointers

    Good looking buck nice work
  11. TeamDuster

    Final week where will you be

    Hopefully in a blind down at wister if work doesn’t get in the way
  12. TeamDuster

    rifle sled? for old man

    We put a oversized slip on recoil pad and used shooting sticks with grand pops year ago about same issues and very little felt recoil but the LOP was about 3 in longer.
  13. TeamDuster

    Public land archery hog!

    That’s an awesome shot and picture...solid work.
  14. TeamDuster

    Got a first

  15. TeamDuster

    A Prayer Request.... Please

    Sorry to hear brother...prayers sent your way
  16. TeamDuster

    Deer and chickens

    Solid on both...looks great
  17. TeamDuster

    A Prayer Request.... Please

    Done......stay strong brother
  18. TeamDuster

    Season opener...... Finally!!

    Nice work great day
  19. TeamDuster

    How low can dems go

  20. TeamDuster