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  1. Arise

    Angler's 738-pound Pacific bluefin tuna may be biggest ever caught
  2. Arise

    Birthday on the pond.

    Happy Birthday D!
  3. Arise


    We all need to get involved w/ this. Especially CWA. Thx for posting Brewer.
  4. Arise

    crazy suprise

    Nice Ca Trophy Hunt Crazy. Can you give us a little more details on calling him and stand. Hand or E-call. What sound? How did he come in?
  5. Arise

    "The Debutante Hunters"

    Scroll down for the video...
  6. Arise

    TQ Club (Tobacco Quitters Club)

    QUOTE One of the biggest decisions you can make in your life. That is so true!
  7. Arise

    TQ Club (Tobacco Quitters Club)

    Stay strong Younger! It's been nearly 6 months for me. After a few days, it's all in your mind.
  8. Arise

    Brush fire between Wister & Hazard Units

    I didn't do it.
  9. Arise

    What I have learned this year

    This thread heats my balls.
  10. Arise

    Wister 1/25/12

    That's a ripe one too. 'Grats!
  11. Arise

    Duck Pictures

    I'm just waiting for someone to post up that one picture of a "Live Duck" :lol:
  12. Arise

    Will reintroduced wolves migrate into CA?

    Update on OR7 and tracking map...
  13. Arise

    Found a new pond

    QUOTE Way to go buddy one of these days I'm gonna have the time to do nothing but ...find a way to GPS your vehicle. :lol: Nice going Ron. Back before I bought into my club, all we would do is scout. Beats the refuges' anyday of the week!
  14. Arise

    sitting in a duck blind right now...

    john and I ended up w/ 13. Was Wister closed? Very little shooting going on over there.
  15. Arise

    sitting in a duck blind right now...

    And I keep missing. First time out this year and I'm having a hard time w/ the birds Mayybe I should just stick w/ big game..
  16. Arise

    Nice mixed bag today

    QUOTE exaggerate? be the judge.....this is a pic of ESS and pitt retrieving a downed bird from last year.... ...atleast thats what they said they were doing...... @ Rich.. :lol:
  17. Arise

    bass pro gift cards

    QUOTE Someone got a smokin deal! :lol:
  18. Arise

    Rare Chinese Duck

    Maybe I'll get lucky this Wednesday. :cross-fingers:
  19. Arise

    Great bird video
  20. Arise

    How was WEDS the 4th guys?

    Killer strap 24! Can someone photoshop his dogs carrot out of the picture? haha