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  1. BigWave

    Youth opener

    Awesome job young man!!!! Way to go!!!!!! You too dad!!
  2. BigWave

    Desert Bighorn Hunt

    What a ram!! Congratulations!!!!!
  3. BigWave

    Our 2019

    We knew this would be an epic hunting season for our family well before it started. We had 7 big game permits in 4 different western states and were ultimately able to fill 5 of those tags. Lots of highs and a few lows, but so many great family memories made in the outdoors for us this season...
  4. BigWave

    Slammed one..

    Whoa!! I need one of those dudes someday!!! Bad ass!!
  5. BigWave

    Slammed one..

    Stud buck buddy!!!
  6. BigWave

    Kiddo's First Buck!!

    Haha!! That works just fine buddy!
  7. BigWave

    Fat Forky Down!

    I love deer hunting, and I’ve always loved me a fat forky! Especially when my tag is about to end in a few days, and when my girls are ridin’ shotgun!! These are the best of times!! Kiddo has helped pack out 3 or our 5 critters this year, including her own first deer! Heading back in a few...
  8. BigWave


    Way good Ed! That's a great year buddy!
  9. BigWave

    Last day coues for #1..

    Bad ass buddy!!
  10. BigWave

    Kiddo's First Buck!!

    It's .243. Thanks!
  11. BigWave

    Kiddo's First Buck!!

    Words can't even describe the feeling. This girl amazes me every day. We’ve hunted our tails off. We had a tough day yesterday. Woke up to a nice dusting of snow today and decided to go look at some new country. We were in deer immediately and got close on a couple. Found this guy chasing...
  12. BigWave

    R.I.P LLOYD...

    Sorry bro. He's a legend!
  13. BigWave

    Daughter in Law first Big game animal

    That's bad ass Paul!!
  14. BigWave

    Been awhile...return of dads 270

    Friggin awesome man!! Great story!!!! Congratulations!!!
  15. BigWave

    Mr. Forky

    Well done!! Nice buck!!
  16. BigWave

    First mule deer

    Way to go bud!! Congratulations!!
  17. BigWave

    The Wyoming Incident....

    Ahhh, I hear ya man. All good. Just didn't understand what you meant.
  18. BigWave

    The Wyoming Incident....

    And that means what?
  19. BigWave

    My buck from last Saturday

    Awesome Paul!
  20. BigWave

    The Wyoming Incident....

    Thanks guys! It was a great time!!