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  1. sloth1833

    Knee injections

    GDL, I know some of the "uses" for the injections are far fetched. But check on Google Scholar for "your condition and prp" injections, it will bring up any research that has been published for just those things. I know blue Cross will cover it for a workman's comp claim... At least in Idaho.
  2. sloth1833

    Knee injections

    Talk to a sports medicine facility or somewhere similar about PRP Injections. I have been looking into it for my knee pain. It is used by a bunch of pro athletes, but it is not "FDA" approved, so an ortho won't even mention it. I know people who have had it done and sware by it. From the little...
  3. sloth1833

    HELP : What to pick in Boot Attributes for 40F - 20F temp range.

    Muck Boots. Stay away from the steel toe boots. I hunted in January for geese in Montana. 20 was about an average day, I would wear wool socks. On days that it got above freezing I would wear normal socks. Keep your feet from sweating, if they sweat bring a change of socks in your pack and swap...
  4. sloth1833

    Vortex Black Friday.

    If you sign up for their veteran program you get an awesome discount every time. Up to 2 items per category per year... I think. (2 binos, and 2 spotting scope, and 2 scopes....with discount per year) unless they have changed their policy sense I signed up.
  5. sloth1833

    Good day with a young pup

    Met up with a good buddy and scrached out a mixed bag near the Snake River today. Birds worked well, our aim on the other hand... The best part was watching his young dog have the "Ah ha" moment. One minute we are almost having to walk him to the downed birds. The next time he is watching the...
  6. sloth1833

    Grizz Digs Black Bear Cubs Out of Den and Eats One

    Alpha as can be! Savage animals, but survival rules. Eat or be eaten
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    Worked a game Friday night and had to toss one of the best d linemen in the state. Closed fist, even between the tackles, will get you tossed evetytime. The best part is next week's game is probably the best one if the year and he is out for that too. Bad attitude and poor sportsmanship, his...
  8. sloth1833

    Best High School Rivalry

    We all know football is in full swing and rivalry games happen. When Twin Falls ID. opened a second HS 6 years ago, they made the decision to make the rivalry bigger and badder than anything else in the state. It is called the service bowl. The entire week leading up to the game student from...
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    For you Duckies that think you know how to call ducks

    I'm old school... Facebook = Highschool Yearbook
  10. sloth1833

    Sleeping bags

    To my knowledge the temp rating is for survival not comfortable while sleeping. i.e you won't die but you might shiver yourself to sleep.
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    70-40? Did the other team even put a defense on the field?
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    Are the playing 8 man? Geezzzz. That a few miles of sprinting
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    Idaho TOFer’s

    Stay away from Nampa, Crime... Crime... Crime!
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    "New California" Convention held .

    You are going to loose a lot of money by cutting out the major cities when it comes to road maintenance, fuel taxes maintain roads. Agg and timber use tax free fuels. The cities also get water and that gives the school general funds money. Not saying that you should keep going just some other...
  15. sloth1833

    Redding and Shasta Area Fire

    I was told durring a wild lands firefighter cert class that "Heroes" end their watch fighting, "Legends" prevent"Heroes"! Strong anchor point and GTFO when things get sketch, live to fight tomorrow. Godspeed to the men and women out there.
  16. sloth1833

    Salton Sea Dying -- Will Prop 68 help at all?

    ^^^HAHAHAHA^^^ The pipe idea sounds like it would be real simple. But I wonder how much red tape the Army Corps of Engineers would have to go through.
  17. sloth1833

    John Cox MIA?

    Around the rest of the west "Not a Californian" is a selling point. Lol
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    I know of a small breeder for British Labs in MT. They are more of a private breeder. From what I can tell the British Black Labrador is a great breed. I gave been looking at them for years, I am probably going to go that route. I would definitely say they are worth an honest look before pulling...
  19. sloth1833

    No Sage Grouse Permits for 2018

    Would rather see a state stopped handing out tags for them than have them get listed as a G1 and end up on the ESL. At least if you want to hunt them that bad you can still go to other states.