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  1. imateamroper2

    Great day duckin!

    That looked like a fun day. I'm jelous.
  2. imateamroper2

    San Jacinto Wildlife Area Schedules Two Volunteer Blind Brush-Up Work Days – August 14 and September 18, 2021

    Hey gang I'm back and getting ready.i dont know about ya'll but opening day makes me feel like a kid at Christmas. Will try to make time fer the clean up as it helps fire me up.... GET R DONE
  3. imateamroper2

    How was it?

    Gotta new hunting dog.he is a blind,mini-weiner dog.he's awesome!!!yea,its yuppy time.
  4. imateamroper2

    How was it?

    Truckin,livin! No killin,just chillin.maybe someday.someone stole all my i gave up on all the tards. Got a bike so me and the ol lady go cruz on the weekends now.livin 10 min.from malibu its all about the beach life.
  5. imateamroper2

    Opening day pics & stories

    I remember this forum used to flow with updates,whats going on? I wanna see pics of trucks stuck in the mud!dam it. With these kinda numbers there...
  6. imateamroper2

    How was it?

    How is it he always says"no pics'then it didnt happen"quote
  7. imateamroper2

    What is the stupidest thing you have seen dove opening day?

    Hunting with eugene king which was the fish and game commissioner at the time. When this guy shoots a hawk in front of sqreeched loud.the who shot it walked over to it and kicked it under the tumble weed and walked and gene walked over picked up the went to the guy and gene flashed...
  8. imateamroper2

    Wister - has the fat lady sang yet?

    Good outlook. I always said to self as long as i get one bird it makes it worth it.
  9. imateamroper2


    Its a free roam area.thats one of my go to areas.good luck.its one of those places you have to go a few times to see where to birds want to changes depending on the migration
  10. imateamroper2

    Wister - has the fat lady sang yet?

    History lesson. It was the Japanese that bombed pearl harbor.yea it was over when we dropped the bomb on them.
  11. imateamroper2

    LAST DAY!!!!~

  12. imateamroper2

    Any juniors need to get out?

  13. imateamroper2

    They can't resist the green

    Your rt.mother wouldnt let me keep her anyways. She wants a short haired lap dog,that dont bark or that just licks,hehe!
  14. imateamroper2

    Need a Compact Water filter

    Sperms from upstream,gentically mutated.wouldnt wanna drink that.eww
  15. imateamroper2

    They can't resist the green

    Thats the kinda retriever i need right there,she is a beauty!!!
  16. imateamroper2

    My ball cap i picked up at a truck stop in the mid west.

    Rt. I saw it and couldnt do without it.
  17. imateamroper2

    They can't resist the green

    Sure is some perdy hair ya got ther, boy,lol? I always say that to guys with long response i've got so far was,sorry im taken,lol. gj on dah green field.
  18. imateamroper2

    Wister (Niland CA, the south end of the Salton Sea), my final hunt of the 2016/2017 season

    Omg,they finally put up a barrier to keep all the fools from breathin down your neck,when triing to pick a blind.its about time.
  19. imateamroper2

    End of Season Thread

    Nice smile on dat black guy,lol? whats up not photogenic? its ok im camera shy ,too! Lmao!