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  1. mjb

    No posts??

    Ouch! Good luck!
  2. mjb

    Palm Springs Cancels Independence Day.

    I'll come to one party rule!
  3. mjb


    Dibs on your guns!!! I will not get this shot no matter what.......I had the virus in Jan of 2020 and it was very mild. I tested for the antibody in May last year no antibodies, then in July tested for antibodies and I have explain that one? I've been playing volleyball since...
  4. mjb


    Well I was hoping for an asteroid to strike the Earth and set the balance back....... But I guess the number of volcanoes could work
  5. mjb

    Is TOF dead?

    Miss ya Carl! XXOOOXXXXXOOOOOXOXOXO Where's that Bieber gif?
  6. mjb

    Is TOF dead?

    Some don't get hatchet and some don't get Gary......after Gary showed no regard for laws and his gun safety came into play he was gone on SCH. Not to mention his ridiculous hunting experiences passing them as the way it's done. Hatchet just likes to keep the party going he's not for everyone but...
  7. mjb

    Spring Thunder

    Spend time in the woods
  8. mjb

    More BackCountry Good Times!

    Nice one!
  9. mjb

    Rocky Clan Blacktail.

    Nice buck!
  10. mjb

    Jagdterrier available SoCal

    Upper where the hell have you been Hope things are good my man Funny thing about the dogs You're the f***** that talking me into them and of course I love them and you!
  11. mjb

    Take out a advertisment

    Stick a fork in it, it's done Hasn't been the same for a long time......Scott killing an elk & turkey did it in for me on the BS meter long ago.....
  12. mjb

    The Passing of a Legend

    Sad news
  13. mjb

    Found this interesting

    He's been shot before......use to see it all the time on pigs harvested on Tejon..... especially when they did the POR's. Nice bull!
  14. mjb

    Girl’s 1st hog

    She's so happy!
  15. mjb

    Turkey tune up 2/22 Lake Sutherland

    Cash or check, lic and upland stamp. Bring your ammo, gun, air rifle or bow to sight in. Raffles, food, draws & vendors to buy stuff! I'll be the RO stop by and say hi
  16. mjb

    South of 8 - The Trump Wall

    Wall has little affect on the birds......cover, feed & summer temps play the biggest role.
  17. mjb

    Transporting long guns.

    You'll drive yourself craze interpreting the law..... CC while fishing/hunting as long as it's legal in that area and not in a public area. So you can't carry from the car to trail head or the car to the boat at the launch or beach. And then some rangers go overboard so know the rules. And...
  18. mjb

    Learning a New Area

    Good luck
  19. mjb

    My bull from yesterday

    You won't forget this hunt! Well done!
  20. mjb

    Favorite Camping meal?

    Chili Verde, chicken soup Or go fancy and vacseal some real food