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    Done by 8 30

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    Well done
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    Dove reports......

    ^ Classic love it!
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    San Jacinto Dove Info

    Thanks for posting
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    Hump Day.....8-6-16

    nice hunt thanks for sharing
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    IV Euros

    looks about right
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    IV Euros

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    2 Season Limits Central Valley

    Went out Sunday for easy limits of second season Dove with a Bonus Euro up in the Central Valley Good times for sure!
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    lightning and dove

    heck put them in a hole tag a rod to them and insta cooked and ready to go... Nice job
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    It was gooooood

    Birds had no idea what was going on! So this year we had some private access land to hunt up north all I have to say is these birds have never been hunted and it was a kill fest We had birds flying in and landing on our mojo's landing next to the mojos landing next to us it was just insane We...
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    Last trip before Dove season

    Just returned for a 3 day on the Shogun Aug 13th thru the 16th Was looking forward to fishing with Aaron since I have not been on the boat since norm and Bruce ran it I was even more excites as the fish counts have been doing real good. Left T.O around 3:30 Thursday morning arrived at the...
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    September 1st warmup

    Nice one
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    WTF happened???

    Food These fish are gorging right now on al lthe red crab anchovy and dines SOme days there full some days there not The size of these fish are getting bigger so there just all out gorging I have heard that the better counts are 25lb test and a #2 hook smalles dine in the tank
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    Excel El Nino Winter Special III 3 day limits of weather 02/15

    It rides wet when weathers good :- )
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    Excel El Nino Winter Special III 3 day limits of weather 02/15

    Late report LOL Just returned from a 3 day aboard excel with my buddy Lewis. We arrive at fisherman's landing about 7 am and watch the boats unload there cat of yellowtail and rockfish 8am signed in and waited to board. It was forecasting wind, what can you expect after 3 weeks of glass luck...
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    Independence 3 Day 07/10 - 07/13

    Just returned from a productive 3 day aboard the INDEPENDENCE (260 mixed fish) Started off getting to the landing around 5:30 and watched the Indy and Angler unload fish. Things looked a little bleak on what the catch was on there 5 day trips. 7am checked in and proceeded to load a cart...
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    Good weekend

    Nice going crazy BFT in May