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  1. Cazador Suerte

    R.I.P LLOYD...

    RIP to the most famous dog on the internet sorry for your loss.
  2. Cazador Suerte

    Who’s afraid of bears....

    Bears can be scary
  3. Cazador Suerte

    Some Questions 3 vs 3.5

    Same. Well said SD!
  4. Cazador Suerte

    Changes in Calico Bass size limits

    Didn’t suck at all. Was super fun getting a bite on every cast. Was only commenting about the size of the fish. Most were “legal” under the old regs.
  5. Cazador Suerte

    Changes in Calico Bass size limits

    Did a twilighter the other night and there were 6 “legals” out of about 100 calicos. All released.
  6. Cazador Suerte

    Your Cheatin' Fish!

    Sounds like a real gem of a guy. But a 10 year effort to expose him with video and secret surveillance but it wasn’t personal?
  7. Cazador Suerte

    World Record (SCI) moose in Washington

    Hatchet truck, spot animal, stop truck, shoot animal.
  8. Cazador Suerte

    Saturday Nights Bellator Fight

    Bad ass. Loved the post fight comment......Who’s next?
  9. Cazador Suerte

    How were rolling today...

    Love the rock placement!
  10. Cazador Suerte

    Serious question for the Duckers

    Cardboard cut out of me should keep them away! Found this.... Motion activated sprinkler seemed like a good one?
  11. Cazador Suerte

    A day for the duckers...

    Second one from the left is a beauty. Gonna mount it?
  12. Cazador Suerte

    Vandenberg launch

    Saw it. Clean sky and the spotting scope was cool when they dumped the stages. Agreed much better at night. Maybe you saw a UFO this morning? or an airplane ✈️?
  13. Cazador Suerte

    Im a grandpa

    Congrats Mike and family!
  14. Cazador Suerte

    Okay, so I'm just going to brag a little bit

    Love it. Just love it.
  15. Cazador Suerte


    It’s not over til we say it’s over!
  16. Cazador Suerte

    Vandenberg launch

    Friday morning 730am........
  17. Cazador Suerte

    Public land archery hog!

    Money shot at the end is fantastic. Nice shooting!! P.S. I think you got some blood on your shirt?
  18. Cazador Suerte


    A big slob that was porking everything that moved........hmmmm....uh.... ummm.... never mind.
  19. Cazador Suerte

    Anyone seen my Generator?

    Isn’t it still the good ole days? ‍♂️ HNY 2019 Make good memories with your friends and family in God’s wonderful world.