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  1. Doorman

    African Lion

    I just got back from South Africa on a lion and crocodile hunt. I needed the croc to finish up the Dangerous 7 . The Lion was taken on the Botswana /Kenya South African border . This is the first camp we were at where I took the lion. This is the biggest of my lions. As we were tracking...
  2. Doorman

    Scientists Tell U.S.FWS African Lion Is Not Endangered

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: JUNE 26, 2013 Scientists Tell U.S.FWS African Lion Is Not Endangered Washington, DC – Today, experts on the status of the African lion explained to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) that the African lion is not on the brink of extinction. Their testimony contradicts...
  3. Doorman

    SCI Takes Battle Over Polar Bear Imports to the U.S. Supreme Court

      Washington, DC – Safari Club International (SCI) today filed a petition with the U.S. Supreme Court asking the Court to overturn the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s 2008 listing of the polar bear as threatened under the Endangered Species Act.  After the listing of the species, private...
  4. Doorman

    SCI Encourages Senate Action On The Sportsmens Act Of 2013

    August 2, 2013   SCI Encourages Senate Action On The Sportsmen’s Act Of 2013 Washington, DC – In July, Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) introduced S. 1335, the Sportsmen’s Act of 2013, the first comprehensive bill to benefit America’s sportsmen and women in the 113th Congress.  SCI encourages...
  5. Doorman


    Well it looks like our hunt in 2014 may be cancelled> The rebels over through the goverment . We have a meeting  with our outfitter next week to make the call. We may go to Cameroon :smiley-popcorn:instead.
  6. Doorman


    Hoping that we'll go in Januray 2014 :smiley-violin:
  7. Doorman

    Animal Protection Groups Doing Little to Protect African Lions New Report Shows How Animal Rights Hy

    Animal “Protection” Groups Doing Little to Protect African Lions New Report Shows How Animal Rights Hypocrites Keep Lion’s Share of Donations and Stiff African Communities   Washington, D.C. — Safari Club International Foundation (SCI Foundation) exposed the hypocrisy of four animal rights...
  8. Doorman


    Ok our hunt was canceled.The rebels started an uprising so Air France canceled all flights So we have rescheduled for next year, 3 time MAYBE will be a charm
  9. Doorman


    Thanks dude I'm hoping to shot anything and evrything. All though there has been some unrest in C.A.R but our outfitter has a group that just arrived today with no promblems, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.I had to cancel last years trip 2 day's before I was to leave. Due to illness in my...
  10. Doorman


    Me and my brother inlaw are heading to car on Jan.1 for Lord Derby Eland gaint forest hog and anything that pops up. I'll post some pictures when we get back on the 19 th. Hope that everyone has had a great x-mas and a Happy New
  11. Doorman

    Just got back from my whitetail hunt

    The deer lease that I'm on in East Texas is appox. 18,000 ac. With a good deer population. But if its a 2 1/2 year old deer and he's legal he's dead. I've been on the lease for 6 years and have only taken a doe. I've seen some great buck's but they have all been young buck's.The board members...
  12. Doorman

    Just got back from my whitetail hunt

    I thought that maybe it had some Fallow deer in him he'll look good on the wall.
  13. Doorman

    Where have we seen this?

    Nice Buck :smiley-thumbs-up-aqua: :smiley-thumbs-up-aqua:
  14. Doorman

    Just got back from my whitetail hunt

    I took my sister and her boyfriend so I got a good deal :smiley-ugly-lol-bashing-sign: They both took nice buck's scoring (SCI) 245-235
  15. Doorman

    Just got back from my whitetail hunt

    I just got back from my hunt i took this 28 point non typical ,he scored 265 5/8. He just had his butt kicked and was mad at the feeder he knocked the battery out of the feeder. The other buck stayed in the woods ,but would not come out so I'm sure as to who won, but in the end he lost
  16. Doorman

    found some good ones

    would look good on the
  17. Doorman


    Yes RSA is. that's why we like to go different parts of Africa. My next trip is to CAR after Lord Durby Eland, plus anything else that might walk in front of my scope. Cheers
  18. Doorman


    Thanks guy's
  19. Doorman


    I just got back from Zambia. We went for 15 days, about hour flight south of Luska. the area we hunted is about 220 square Km, Bordeing Kufue park. The camp had perminant house We were hunting for just about anything that poppped up, my wife ,son and daughter were after leopard, I was looking...