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    The end of an era

    great photos of over the years!
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    Niland Cherry Toe Again

    My dog got "wister foot" about 4 weeks ago and her paw and bottom part of leg swelled up huge, fast. Red puncture mark between toes on back paw. After paying a big vet bill for the lancing and draining and meds, she sat out the remaining weeks of the season to recover. Never had this problem in...
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    A Prayer Request.... Please

    prayers sent
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    Arkansas Snow Goose Hunt 2018

    sounds like fun, great trip
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    Season Ressi Review

    8 out of 134 applications, 5.97% not sure if that is good, bad, ugly compared to everyone else
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    Need A New Game Butcher

    Schreiner's Fine Sausages in Glendale - Have taken venison to them many years for a variety of things
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    Son's first deer

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    SE Alaska deer & duck

    awesome videos
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    Dickweed's CO buck

    great job!!
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    Need your prays

    God Bless!
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    End of an Era

    sorry to hear, always very sad to lose a pet
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    Oh my

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    Adak 2017

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    Prayers Requested for Skyscaper

    prayers sent
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    Tag Soup… but a great Season!

    congrats on this special time!
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    What a Night...2 Bucks & Trump

    way to get it done!