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  1. jringading

    Great day in NM!

    That's a nice one
  2. jringading

    These A-holes were relentless...

    Those jack wads used to call me all the time
  3. jringading

    And the Elk Gods smiled on me...

    Way to go Hank!
  4. jringading

    Shooting sticks bi & tri

    3rd on the Bog Pod, rock solid = deadly
  5. jringading

    What to see ABQ to Valle Vidal

    I would get out of The ABQ as fast as possible. Spend that time scouting and learn in the area. VV can be tough to find a monster, not like it was 10 yrs ago on big ones.
  6. jringading

    2016 Big Game Draw Results

    LE draw, first time to hunt the state so pretty excited! Hunting rifle mid September so they should be bugling pretty good
  7. jringading

    2016 Big Game Draw Results

    Utah bull elk, bought NM cow tags for our crew, TX whitetail & stinking hogs as usual and will sneak across the Red River for the first time to give Oklahoma a try for it's short gun season on whitetail ( w/ a bear tag on my pocket!)
  8. jringading

    Duckers aren't the only ones

    Pretty funny, can't believe he thought no one would rat him out
  9. jringading


    Nice bull Hatch! Never know what you will run into in Tejas