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  1. breacher

    Ruger American .243 on SALE

    My son has a Ruger American Compact in .243. It’s a great gun for the money. The stock is cheap but shouldn’t be a deal breaker. They can be replaced. Trigger is nice too. The Compact model has shorter length of pull which is perfect for smaller frame shooters. Fits my son perfectly. It shoots...
  2. breacher

    Hush Movie Premiere

    I’ve been watching the HUSH vids for a while. Cool to see some familiar faces! Nice job Paul and Zach!
  3. breacher

    Sitting in the ER.......

    Bitchin hunt and story!
  4. breacher

    2016 UT Mule Deer (pics)

    Wow, makes for a great story though!
  5. breacher

    Good times in the high country!!

    Wow! Damn nice buck!
  6. breacher

    The 103rd reason I'm glad I moved to Arizona

    Freaking awesome! Nice job!
  7. breacher

    Does hunting Euros now mess up Sept 1st ?

    In my opinion, yes it does.
  8. breacher

    Kinda Threw Up a Little in My Mouth....

    You could've purchased it then had a book burning ceremony....
  9. breacher

    Selling, $1,500 Numzaan Safari Hunt in South Africa for 4 2016/2017 - $13,000 Value

    His favorite number is 7......haha what a crack up.
  10. breacher

    Dont need a new broadhead

    Beautiful buck Nate! Congrats!
  11. breacher

    The Colorado Kidd

    He's bought and paid for! I'm sure he's hooked for life! Congrats on a great looking bear!
  12. breacher

    Ban breeding of Orcas

    I don't really don't feel one way or the other on this topic but what have humans gained by understanding them?
  13. breacher

    Epic Montana trip. Got my trophy Mt. Goat finally

    F'n awesome......and an OTC bear they're still playing with!
  14. breacher

    This guy was an inspiration to me heart goes out to his family.
  15. breacher

    Alaska was good to us...

    Bad ass! Following this!
  16. breacher

    Covered up in Bears

    Wow! Game time!
  17. breacher

    The Kid beat me out again!

    Nice job!!