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  1. sdhunter

    It sucks to be a duck hunter in So. California

    Living in SD for many of my 30+ years of duck hunting, we had Wister, the Salton Sea, SD City Lakes (Barrett, Otay and Sutherland), Henshaw, or the Colorado River (Cibola or Imperial NWRs). I have many good memories from them all, my avatar pic is from the river. Now living in Nor Cal, lots of...
  2. sdhunter

    Favorite Camping meal?

    I admire some of you going simple, but when i truck camp, I'm eating good. Big ribeye's, potatoes in big cast iron over the fire, peach cobbler in the dutch oven. For breakfast, a pound of bacon for every morning and eggs in the big cast iron over the fire. I'll slip in some pudgy pie...
  3. sdhunter

    Some Questions 3 vs 3.5

    3" versus 3.5", Benelli vs Mossberg, Ford vs Chevy....blah blah blah I shoot a 3.5" gun, use 3.5" shells, and I love how some of you purists make simple inferences that if you shoot 3.5" shells, you are a skybuster....too damn funny. Some folks try to portray themselves as more ethical...
  4. sdhunter

    Colorado River...

    What part of the river are you focusing on? I ran a 1448 jon boat with a 20hp outboard, it worked great. Then I upgraded to a 1652 with 60hp. I actually killed more ducks out of the 14 footer, it just hid better I guess. Depending on the miles of river you plan to use would depend on the...
  5. sdhunter

    Neighbor doesn't like my Lab

    If your fence is solid, perhaps a bark collar to minimize the barking when your pooch senses your neighbor?? I've used bark collars on all my dogs, the good thing (in my situation at least), bark collar use only lasted a short time (a few weeks at most) to minimize that behavior. The only time...
  6. sdhunter

    Hunt invite from a vendor

    Sometime in the first week of December looks good on the moon phase. If you wait too long, depending on the area (especially the rice), and the bypasses flood, the ducks disappear.
  7. sdhunter

    RV awning on a truck?

    with a 3/4 ton truck, you might just be better off with a decent tent trailer and ez-ups. That way your bed is open for all your other gear. At the end of the day, your expenditures for outfitting your rig could be a lot more expensive...just a thought. I doubt you're off-roading in too tough...
  8. sdhunter

    Travelers, I need your input

    Not what you're probably wanting to hear....don't let him go! While honorable and noble in their efforts to assist the needy, man...that's family going to an area of unrest. Too much of a risk in my mind!
  9. sdhunter

    New tires for a 2500 4x?

    I've tried BFG, Cooper, Hankook, and Goodyear...the Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac has been the best for me so far. 315/75/16's on my duramax. The only tires to get me to 40k miles. Good tire, not louder than the other AT's I've tried. Good luck with your choice! I love new tires on my rig...
  10. sdhunter

    Recent catches....

    Nice feesh!
  11. sdhunter

    Union jump shoot

    This is all a little funny to me! Most hunters on hunting forums claim to be stand up guys, have this inner circle, are superior hunters/heroes, have ethics of stone, and will always bash a law breaker or poacher. Buuuuuut,,,,,,,,,when it's one of their inner circle, all of a sudden, their...
  12. sdhunter

    Duck Hunting - has it ever been worse?

    From a hunting perspective, So Cal equates to vanishing possibilities with too many hunters. Not that I'm advocating a Northern Migration, but opportunities are much different to the North....just saying.
  13. sdhunter

    Proud dad and question on youth shotguns

    I started my son off with a Mossberg Bantam 20 guage 500. Pumps are like solid breaches, they will kick. An auto would be nice, but they are also heavier, so there's a trade-off. Lighter handling gun with more kick, or heavier gun with a little less kick. Most bantam or youth models come...
  14. sdhunter

    Vitamins and Supplements for an older Lab

    I give my 14yo BLF and my 12yo BLM a Cosequin DS every day. The 14 yo she officially retired last season, but for her last 2 hunting seasons, I would give her a Rimadyl the night before the hunt, and then after the hunt, I know you asked about OTC, but that stuff really helped her recover a...
  15. sdhunter

    California Hunters HIP

    I miss my Santucky! Most of all, I miss Cotijas and Cazedores Taco Shops!
  16. sdhunter

    Coffee Mill Lake...... East Texas

    Well that doesn't suck! 1k acres, we're used to that in So Cal!
  17. sdhunter

    16 Reasons Not To Live In CA

    I know man..... At some point, tax payers will need to stand up to the State Government on blowing away all our money. One can only hope it happens sooner than much later. SB54, man, embarrassed to say I'm a Cali. Then this new gas tax to pay for road repair, when taxes are already in place...
  18. sdhunter

    16 Reasons Not To Live In CA

    More people should read this and move! I like CA, with all it's misgivings and political fall out. Oceans, rivers, lakes, valleys, mountains, deserts, we do have it all. I like the the 3 season living, Fall/Spring/Summer. I love the abundant waterfowl and fish, and did I mention the 100 day...
  19. sdhunter

    Eastern Sierra Lodging Recommendations?

    I've always been partial to the Bishop Creek area. When we do cabins, we would do Parcher's Resort. A little pricey, but great experience. I usually camp at the Willows Campground right below Parchers.