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  1. Franco S. Cruz

    California Hunting / Fishing License statistics....Intersesting !

    For a hunting rifle I’m going to take out and actually use I’m going to go with the Ruger. If it gets banged up or dirty I’m not going to worry as much and it’s going to work.
  2. Franco S. Cruz

    Deer Hunting Tips & Tactics

    as a hunter myself since age 12, I have learn one thing for sure...with the proper equipment, almost anyone can learn to shoot long range.
  3. Franco S. Cruz

    Hunting with a Beagle

    Hard to find a rifle for a thousand with the spec/ scopes I want for deer hunting. Heck the best fit that meets all my requirements is the The Swarovski Optik 3-10×42. .
  4. Franco S. Cruz

    World Record (SCI) moose in Washington

    Great moose. Hopefully one day I will draw the wa moose tag. Congratulations!!!
  5. Franco S. Cruz

    new girl in the field

    Back in the day, women hunted dinner along beside the men. I'm so glad to see this frontier spirit return! Wishing you a d good hunt!
  6. Franco S. Cruz

    12. Yr old 1st hunt

    It's nice to know people at work who hunt. I've heard this time and time again: one needs to know people in order to hunt. Knowing folks: that's the key to succeeding
  7. Franco S. Cruz

    Waterfowl Gear

    I too use a lot of academy waterfowl gear. If you’re on a budget, their game winner flex tuff decoys are a nice decoy. You can’t go wrong with game winner decoy rigs..
  8. Franco S. Cruz

    2020 Black Bear

    Imagine killing a a bear and not eat any of the meet when some people would just love to see a monster bear and live to tell the story.
  9. Franco S. Cruz

    father / daughter

    Man this brought back a lot of memories! My now 27 year old daughter used to love going with me to the farm and "riding the cotton picker first and then we go shoot a deer." As she got older, she kind of lost interest in hunting. By the college years she had no desire to go fight mosquitoes.