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  1. duckwidow

    Oregon opener

    Thx Matt, he is getting big. He is a real trooper too, doesn't complain at all and loves to go out in the blind!
  2. duckwidow

    Oregon opener

    We are east of Salem, in a town called Turner. No refuges here so we are part of a club now. They really had a great opener and took the 4 year old out. He’s a true future duck hunter that kid
  3. duckwidow

    Sportmen's Catering Service

    Many happy memories of Max giving the kids candy
  4. duckwidow

    Oregon opener

    Hi everybody ... long time since I posted Here is a pic from our opener in Oregon
  5. duckwidow

    Teach them young

    Thx! He sure did!
  6. duckwidow

    saying goodbye to California

    my son is a fireman in Marion co. Oregon, That is Where Salem is located. We are also looking for a place in the same area, best of luck. Housing is cheaper so thats a plus. We will be somewhere between Albany and Stayton Oregon.
  7. duckwidow

    Teach them young

    My grandson , already casting at 2 1/2 years old
  8. duckwidow

    Freebie ~Dog blind

  9. duckwidow

    End of an Era

    Sorry to hear you lost your dog, Im sure he had a good life.
  10. duckwidow

    Campground map

    Didn't put in for the drawing for the first time ever. Too much competition and we were not getting drawn anymore for a while now. :smiley-weeping-yellow: Hope you all enjoy your season!
  11. duckwidow

    Wister question

    Thats a cool camper :smiley_10sign:
  12. duckwidow

    Freebie ~Dog blind

    waiting on Cazador Suerte then will PM others that are interested
  13. duckwidow

    Freebie ~Dog blind

    Free to who ever can pick up (Costa Mesa) Medium size dog blind( our dog is 60lbs)
  14. duckwidow

    Vegas shooting

    Im so incredibly mad at the person who did this. But sad as I tried hard to remember Brian, I met him and his wife in the campground, such nice people and I am heartbroken for her and the kids.
  15. duckwidow

    Vegas shooting

    Prayers for all victims. Especially to Brian's family. Sad sad news
  16. duckwidow

    I can see clearly now! Almost!

    had it done, and 10 years later I am back in glasses....shrug
  17. duckwidow

    TOF Weight Watchers

    I was told I as borderline (pre-diabetic). Its all about carbs. My dr had me counting carbs. Kept it below 20% of what I eat is carbs. Back in the normal range. All my reading has said that its about weight Loe too, if you looses weight your A1c will improve. Good luck, with it.
  18. duckwidow

    Anyone want to live in Wyoming?

    I had the same problem when I tried to sell my acreage in Washington, the realtors would just take a photo. I switched realtors several times, one didn't even go out there with a sign. I guess they thought I would never know. Finally went up there and sold it myself, only to have one of the...
  19. duckwidow

    gun safe for sale

  20. duckwidow

    gun safe for sale

    That's it ----Big Daddy I wonder if he ever got it together after that. Anyway the safe has stories even from him, its been around. worked out great for us, but my son took 1\2 the guns when he moved out and we didn't need this giant thing anymore. No offense "old Timer" just meant...