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  1. willcfish

    Guides secrets Trolling Tadpoles for Walleye

    At Okoboji Iowa, I was very pleased Doug let me ride along. Doug Burns professional fisherman tells his secrets.
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    GoPro Giant Jack Crevalle at Fort Pierce

    You talk about a fight. I had to cut out lots to make this 60 seconds. How much do you think it weighs. I just let it go and never thought to check the weight.
  3. willcfish

    4 casts into the surf ....

    Nice, sounds like great fun. I had a big spinner shark on a few weeks ago and it cut off after a great jump. Then a half hour later I turned my back on the rod to put my camera away and when I turned around everything was gone. Oh Well!!! Shoulda had a lanyard on it.
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    Big nets for Big Fish. Don't lose that trophy.

  5. willcfish

    Catfish Bait Rig from a coat hanger.

    DIY Make a Catfish Bait Rig from a coat hanger.
  6. willcfish

    WD-40, Does it still work for King Salmon?

    I think you're right it's not good to use today. Thanks for the comments.
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    Big nets for Big Fish. Don't lose that trophy.

    Big nets for Big Fish. Catch and Release is important.
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    Rabies is always a concern. What do you do? Keep your Hunting dog's safe as well as your family. Our Animal Control Admin. told me only 10% of dogs and cats in Webster County are vaccinated. Here is some expert information I received. Rabies is possible in all fur bearing mammals. And can be...
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    Toad in a Hole is a great breakfast.

    Give this a try at home or in the great outdoors.
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    GPS can be off by 75 feet.

    Depending on where you are and how many satellites you have working for you, your location can be off a bunch.
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    GoPro is great for videoing fishing and hunting.

    Check this out. Pretty cool.
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    Best Salmon lure ever?

    What is your favorite salmon lure.
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    king Salmon fishing out of Monterey Bay.

    Fisherman's Wharf charters.
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    Jitterbug topwater lure for LargeMouth Bass

    I knew people that went on the golf courses to pick up night crawlers around the edge of the Greens. Not naming names. :smiley-wavin-yellow:
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    Canada Geese set in the wind.

    Small groups landed in the opening in the middle.
  16. willcfish

    Great calling sounds the first 20 seconds.

    Here's where the geese go when pressured.
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    What invasive species are in your area?

    We've got Zebra Mussels now. What next?
  18. willcfish

    Here is a great tip from a husband whose wife fishes with him.

    We bought the General and some disposable bags from Cabela's and going to the bathroom in the boat is no problem. Put some TP in a couple Ziplocs and you'll be set. We've go a windshield . If you don't just take a small TV blanket along. Good Fishing. "Oh Yes, and don't go to lunch. I've caught...
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    Bowfish tells how to set up electric trolling motor.

    Bowfishing is beneficial to game fish.
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    Poolside Muskie Lure action seminar by WillCFish

    Muskie lures in swimming pool and not even a follow!!!