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  1. TESCH

    “Hunt Masters”... another POS.

    Commercialization of hunting. The more hunting is monetized the more it’s value will change. Brings the wrong people into it
  2. TESCH

    deer season in california

    Please, Please, Please do not show people photographs of D16 bucks. Every time I see one of those photographs I have a panic attack like the whole state is gonna show up on opening day.
  3. TESCH

    ID this snake

    Does not look like the Feds were effective.
  4. TESCH

    AB 1964

    Too late, that has been law. AB 1964 amends the law to exclude single shot pistols and relics.
  5. TESCH

    Humane Society Pegged!

    Calif is as bad as it ever has been . . When I was a child El Centro segregated school system and housing was confined to the Eastside by covenants Dude...
  6. TESCH

    It's finally Raining

    It has been closed a lot. You sure they are not working on the dam?
  7. TESCH

    Wister & Sonny Bono Numbers

    Looks like we had better averages this year. What is the number in parenthesis counting?
  8. TESCH

    Big Game Regs

    How about My Country Club??
  9. TESCH

    Hog sign at Lawrence Welk resort.

    Yeah, but I bet you would eat a McDonalds though.
  10. TESCH

    European Hog Hunt

    Good to see our European brothers have the love of the game.
  11. TESCH

    European Hog Hunt

    Could not figure how to cut and paste link on iPhone. Guy shoots like a lazer.
  12. TESCH

    European Hog Hunt

    This guy is an artist with a rifle. Http://
  13. TESCH

    Wister 12/04 - Ugly

    No, you just get the title of artillery master.
  14. TESCH

    D-16, Right around the Corner

    I've just been an eavesdropper. Nothing much to say these days. How you been socal?
  15. TESCH

    D-16, Right around the Corner

    Saw lots of lion tracks (recent after the last rain) in my usual spot. Lots of deer sign just after the rain. Looks like I have to wait for the fellas to come back from their kitty scare.
  16. TESCH

    More hunting Refuges?

    At least there is someone out there like you trying.
  17. TESCH

    More hunting Refuges?

    It would have been cool.
  18. TESCH

    More hunting Refuges?

    We did, it is called San Diego National Wildlife Refuge and no hunting is allowed.
  19. TESCH

    DOVES DOWN !!!!!

    I found corn and millet in the Euro's I shot.
  20. TESCH

    Finally the truth?

    Nature is not obligated to you to provide ducks in the quantity you want them and when you want them. That is just foolish. You guys that have been hunting over the Month of November only need to look back at every November since you started hunting in socal. There are never any ducks in...