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  1. Phil

    CWA Fed Stamp - How long?

    Got mine. It took about 2 weeks.
  2. Phil

    20ga turkey load

    If you want to reload, you might want to consider TSS for the 20 gauge.
  3. Phil

    Union jump shoot

    Mr Lindhart was banned from my Facebook group "SoCal Waterfowl" when he took it upon himself to start dragging the names of others not involved in the Wister incident. This was uncalled for. I also removed those involved in the incident to prevent any further conflicts. I was at Wister that day...
  4. Phil

    Shells and Chokes

    If you reload, you might consider reloading TSS but let me warn you it isn't cheap ($50/pound). I loaded some TSS 9 shot (comparable to 4 lead) in a 3" .410 with 13/16 oz of TSS 9.
  5. Phil

    Remington Rebates

    Got my $60 check from Remington about 2 weeks ago.
  6. Phil

    Season Ressi Review

    I drawn 5 times (2 Mendota, 3 Wister) this year.
  7. Phil

    Roads at Wister

    I got email from Scott Sewell explaining whats the deal on the Wister roads. He mentioned IID has not cleaned up their canals and drains which overflows onto the roads when it rains. The Imperial Public Works website show the road problem on Davis road/Nofsinger/Alcott (District 4) was reported...
  8. Phil

    Looking for a Recommendation

    Are you looking for a hunt for just you , Ron?
  9. Phil

    SGay-Marsh V

    The Marsh V pill box works for me. :smiley_yeehaw_ani:
  10. Phil


    Scouted the rabbits last week but there weren't many around, so I decided to hunt the euros. Weather was supposed to get up to 109 so I knew we didn't have much time to hunt. Luck was with us because we were on on way home by 10 am.
  11. Phil

    Gun Rep Day

    Its only 1 handgun every 30 days.
  12. Phil

    Non lead shells

    Save me those Kent hulls to reload and I'll be good for another 10 years.
  13. Phil

    Deer tags

    When we entered into the DFG system to get a deer tag for the customer it would not accept the information we tried to enter, which was strange. The guy had his 2016 deer tag, so I asked him if he had reported back to DFG. He said no. The DFG system does not explain that he has a fine to pay...
  14. Phil

    Deer tags

    I had a customer looking to purchase his deer tag for 2017. It seems like he forgot to report to DFG about the status of his 2016 deer tag. The system will not allow him to buy his 2017 deer tag until he pays his fine ($21). There nothing in the system to collect the fine, so I guess he needs to...
  15. Phil

    Crowley trout fest

    4 lb.
  16. Phil

    Crowley trout fest

    I just got back from Crowley with some great fishing. We made the drive up Crowley Wednesday night and arrived at the gate around 7 am. Not many people fishing the lake so we had our choices of spots to fish. Alligator point produced a nice brown and rainbow on power eggs and then the bite shut...
  17. Phil

    Trump Announces Sale of California

  18. Phil

    Mixed Bag

    Thats a nice mix Tom.
  19. Phil

    Prayers Requested for Skyscaper

    Praying for Dylan and his family. Hoping for a speedy recovery.