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  1. BDB

    Bear pics, lets see 'em!

    I recognize that B zone bear with the white blaze on it's chest. How come you were too damn lazy to hike out that rug? :smiley-wnk-yellow: Haven't been around in a while but poked my head in to see what was new here with TOF and saw this post. I am getting the itch to start planning a 2017...
  2. BDB

    45" moose down

    Gotta like a lady cool under pressure, congrats to you both!! Awesome moose!!
  3. BDB


    Well, it's good to see things haven't changed around here Hatchet is still slaying forky's. Congrats that's a nice one!! Since I haven't been on the site in months, I'll scroll around and see what else you have been killing :)
  4. BDB

    Meg's first deer

    Congrats, that is great!
  5. BDB

    D3-5 Adventure

    Nice buck Kirk, congrats. At first I thought for sure this was going to be another "I went deer hunting and killed a huge bear" story but not this time!
  6. BDB

    He didn't deserve this nice of bull

    That's a great bull, can't wait to see the monster!!
  7. BDB

    My Az Elk

    Sounds like an amazing hunt to me and a real nice bull, congrats!!
  8. BDB

    EMILY'S 2014 ROSIE!!

    Great story Hatchet, I don't see how it could get any better than that!! :smiley_10sign:
  9. BDB

    Here's my Arizona elk

    Nice job Ed, awesome bull!
  10. BDB

    EMILY'S 2014 ROSIE!!

    That's awesome, congrats to your stone cold killer!! Can't wait to hear the story!!
  11. BDB

    Freezer filler

    No, not too soon, she ran away and then walked and then dropped. She covered close to half a mile and never once bedded. Without a doubt my longest and toughest tracking job. For a long time I really didn't think I was going to recover this deer. The blood was very sporadic and very small...
  12. BDB

    Blood has been spilled

    Very nice! Nice easy tracking job :)
  13. BDB

    opening day bear

    Nice job, great bear !!
  14. BDB

    Freezer filler

    Nothing fancy, just a nice mature doe on day 3 of the NH season. 120# dressed. Short shot but a long ass recovery. I hit too high and only got one lung. Either way she is on ice and I am now down to 12 tags left ;-)
  15. BDB

    A couple of firsts..

    That was a great read, congrats on your elk, sounds like you really earned it!!
  16. BDB

    All is not well in Whacko land

    "There's a history with this nipple thing," he said, leafing through the transcript and pointing out the word "nipple" -- which he'd highlighted in pink -- each time it appeared. So much win in this article, its awesome!!! But of course, what other color would you use to highlight "nipple"...
  17. BDB

    I still hate huntin' in California

    That will work for sure, congrats snoop! I haven't been around much lately, any luck for you in B this year?
  18. BDB


    I thought that was why you had triplets in the woods with ya, hauling gutting and cutting. Put those boys to work :) Nice look hog hatch!
  19. BDB

    Last hunt of the year and a bloody arrow

    I took to a tree Friday for a last bow hunt of the season. The season doesn't end until the 31st but I am headed out to Canada for the holidays on Friday and can't take any more time off work. Snuck out of the office early to get the last 2 hours of light in a stand. Got settled at 2:55 and...
  20. BDB


    Hell of a shot he made. Great buck too, you have every right to be a very proud papa!