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  1. montana13

    American Outlaw

    PM sent
  2. montana13

    Lab wanted

    I’m looking for a lab puppy as well. American Outlaw, sent you a PM.
  3. montana13

    2019 YOUTH OPENER!!

    Are you shrinking Hatchet?
  4. montana13

    Best quality BBQ out there

    Don’t forget one with a freezer for the ice cream!
  5. montana13

    Got my Mallard mount back!

    Reminds me that I need to get my dog mounted. Just waiting for him to pass away.
  6. montana13

    From the Duck Blind

    A few photos from the duck blind.
  7. montana13


    Awesome! I need to move to Arizona.
  8. montana13

    Wister deathly this

    I guess that means that the birds are in town.
  9. montana13

    Kids dream gun

    Sweet gun! How much does the gun (without the scope) weigh? I’m in the process of buying my skinny 12 year old son a rifle and was wondering if 7.5 lbs is too heavy.
  10. montana13

    Son's archery buck

    Sweet buck Paul, especially with a bow!
  11. montana13

    Land of Enchantment Oryx

    Awesome Oryx and great photos. Looks like you got him off range. My son’s hunt is in November and mine is in December. Can’t wait.
  12. montana13

    Last few years....

    Awesome animals. That first photo is as good as it gets. Congrats!
  13. montana13

    Yeti supporting the NRA? not Not anymore.

    Yeti does not seem to be responding or giving a reason for it. That sure sounds like they gave into the antis. Let’s see how (or if) they respond.
  14. montana13

    Yeti supporting the NRA? not Not anymore.

    No reason to ever buy Yeti again.
  15. montana13

    Mr. NO love in New Mexico!!

    What’s a PaulC card? Is that 3 or 4 tags like he usually does?
  16. montana13

    Mr. NO love in New Mexico!!

    My son and I had some luck on our side. In his first NM big game draw, he scored his OIL oryx tag. I separately also drew an Oryx tag. My third in six years. Something about defying the odds on these oryx hunts.
  17. montana13


    DMax, Does that case fit two shotguns or just one? Also, where are you located? Thanks!
  18. montana13

    2018 B zone going to a draw ?

    I thought that they had very specific rules that layout when a zone goes to a draw. If so, it should be easy to figure out if it will be in the draw this year.
  19. montana13

    Odds, Or Spray and Pray...Drawings

    I apply for about 30 hunts, so I stick to quality tags. Hope for 1-2 great hunts a year. Research is a year around hobby.
  20. montana13

    Salton Sea - Historical Waterfowl Hunting

    So it sucked back then as well.